About Hydraulic Elevators

About Hydraulic Elevators

We at Elite Elevators, in association with ThyssenKrupp Access have taken hydraulic mechanism to another level. With introduction of Soft Start & Stop feature we make your ride absolutely jerk free & smooth. The reason we command Indian home lifts market is that unlike other hydraulic elevators, our lifts don’t require a pit or headroom & operate on single phase power supply. Our hydraulic lifts were recently awarded in Italy as the ‘World’s Safest Home Elevators’.

Your life. Your style. Your statement. With home elevator solution from ThyssenKrupp Access, you can bring your vision to life. We set the industry standard with a variety one-of-a-kind looks and unique features with universal design. Ready to give your home a look that rises above the rest? Then it’s time for a residential elevator that can help take you to the next level. We provide customers with residential elevators that help make day-to-day living better. Every home elevator has an innovative design to create the ultimate experience. Not only do we ensure every residential elevator undergoes testing.



Orion is a hydraulic vertical platform lift that is suitable for a wide range of home and public buildings.

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Gulliver is a hydraulic vertical platform lift that is suitable for a wide range of home and public buildings.

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Combines the latest technology with functionality & design offering you a wide variety of finishes & configurations.

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ThyssenKrupp Home Elevator to perfectly fit any environment, new or existing. The elegance of ThyssenKrupp Home Elevator is created by the sleek anodised aluminium structure and the standard panoramic glass door which provides optimum light and visibility. It is a truly modern product, designed and manufactured to meet a wide range of needs and tastes. From the garage to the roof, ThyssenKrupp Home Elevator travels effortlessly up to five floors.



“Elite Elevators” are a Chennai based home elevator company. The company has been recognized as “#1 Home Elevator company in India”. Elite Elevators provides solution for Individual Houses and Residential Building, In collaboration with “ThyssenKrupp” we are delivering European Engineering with Italian design. Our elevator and stair lift system is “Certified by TUV SUV” for Energy Efficiency, Quality Assurance, Safety Components and Many Other Specifications.

  • Italian quality, safety regulations and technical advancement.
  • Smart Energy saving COG belt, gearless and hydraulic systems.
  • Power backup.
  • Custom interior and functionality programs.
  • Effective space utilization.
  • Pre and Post installation services.
  • International design synced with everyday India needs.


Elite elevators in particular, we felt the only person understood what we were talking about and what we wanted very happy to do business. The technology I know, Thyssenkrupp they are the rolls-royce of elevators. We had no difficulty making our decision.
Whenever we go out of the country, we see the name Goodwill in the market. After hearing of the product we decided to go with premium home lift for our home rather than going for local elevators. We bought this lift for safety and security. We recommend this.
Couple years back when I wanted my Grandmom to inaugurate my office in the 3rd floor of my house, she was unable to do it. This year I renovated and have also installed Stair lift, she was there before I could walk myself J. This was easy and very happy to be a customer of Elite group. Thanks
We are much more satisfied with the product and its quality and I do really want to pay tribute to combined effect of the technical skill of your Engineers installation and problem-fixing, together with the design and mechanical perfection of ThyssenKrupp’s, German engineering, not to mention your charming personality, which is customer-friendly and persuasively reassuring.


What is a Home Elevator?
Home elevator or home lift is a customized designed for ease of movement within the house floors. Unlike commercial elevators they require less space, energy and are easy to install on a constructed or in progress house.
Where do you install a Home Elevator?
The customer can install the lift as per their requirement indoor and outdoor. The modern lift has customization at all level; you can choose the doors opening direction at different level. The provision can be made in any style of building.
Can you customize your Home Elevator?
Yes, the lift can be customized to suit your taste and requirement. We can provide different style of door opening, flooring patterns, side walls color and design, control panel, lighting etc…
How much does a Home Elevator cost?
As we do custom made elevators, The cost depends upon the style and elevation technology as per your requirement, please contact us to know your home elevator price based on your requirement.
Can I install home elevator in my existing home?
Yes, one of our engineers can visit your house to provide an exact idea about the installation process. The lift is functional in a constrained space so it makes it easier to operate in all building structures.
What is pit and headroom in home elevator?
Home lift is engineered to consume less space and more utility. Therefore, our products require no pit or headroom for machine setup. The cabin contains all of the required parts and the shaft provides the supporting structure.
What makes us special from other home elevator manufacturer?
Elite Elevators are committed to provide customers with the upmost advanced technology. Most of our products are auto-update software enabled. The cabin is customization from top to bottom to meet your personal choice. The elevators are equipped with safety features keeping in mind the different age group users. All our products are certified by TUV SUV to ensure global standards and no margin for error.
What is TUV SUV certification.
The TUV SUV is an independent authority that checks the safety requirement of products manufactured by industries globally. The organization also serves certification to companies as per the standards of European Lifts, Machinery Directive, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME safety codes) and European Norms Standards(EN).

We provide customers with residential elevators that help make day-to-day living better. Every home elevator has an innovative design to create the ultimate experience but every elevator is available with a variety of customization.

ThyssenKrupp is one of the leading suppliers for mobility solutions in both homes and public areas. Our product portfolio includes stairlifts, platform lifts and Home Elevators

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