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Price Range: Rs. 48Lakh – Rs. 1 crore 3 lakh

Racing ahead of its competition, the E300 is the best-in-class elevator in its segment. With its groundbreaking CogBelt function, it is far sturdier than conventional elevators that use ropes, chains and cables. As a result, the E300 provides a faster, smoother and quieter experience to the user. In addition to the cutting-edge mechanics, the E300 comes with an Advanced Error Notifications System (AENS). With this high-end functionality built into the E300, the lift can detect any underlying problems and alert the user, offering the highest level of safety.


Technical Details

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The E300 is leagues ahead of other home elevators globally. Instead of conventional ropes, chains and cables (which aren’t the sturdiest), the E300 uses a specially engineered cogged belt to lift the cabin. This mechanism is designed to be 20 times more durable than conventional lifting mechanisms. It’s what enables this home elevator to offer the fastest, smoothest and quietest ride experience. In addition to this, the Advanced Error Notifications System (AENS) is a premium feature of the E300. This smart system warns users of upcoming issues in the elevator. If not resolved, the home elevator shuts down automatically and can only be operational after the issue is resolved.

Complying with the European home safety codes machinery directive 2006/42/EC and EN 81-41, the E300 is made at our partner’s facility, TK Home Solutions Srl, in Pisa, Italy. It is also certified by SIL 3. To be clear, our home lifts are the only lifts in India that comply with any safety standards. This makes them the safest in India and the world. The E300 can operate up to a maximum of six stops. As a general rule of thumb, the price of your E300 home lift will either increase or decrease with the final number of stops.

Another important aspect we have to cover while talking about the cost of home lifts is the customisation options. With us, you can customise the number and type of doors, interior and exterior finishes as well as supporting structures. The final cost of your lift will vary depending on this factor. The E300 also does not require a lot of civil work as there is no need for a pit, machine room or headroom. It is extremely power-efficient as it consumes about 1.45 kW – 1.85 kW for use. This is equivalent to the power consumption of a microwave oven or a half-ton air conditioner.


Commonly Asked Questions

1. What is the cost of home elevators in India?

In India, the cost of home elevators typically ranges from Rs. 48Lakh and can go up to even Rs. 1 crore 3 lakh. There are many reasons for this wide-ranging figure. First and foremost, the more basic and simple your home elevator, the lesser will be the cost. But if you want to opt for high-end and technologically advanced home elevators, then naturally the price will increase too.

Our home elevators have been engineered in ISO 9001:2015 (QMS) Standard – Germany and made in Italy and conform to European home safety codes. They are quality and safety certified, the first to do so in the Indian elevator market. From hydraulic elevators and cogged belt elevators to stairlifts, discover a range of imported luxury home elevators with Elite Elevators.

2. What is the price of a cogged belt home lift in India?

A cogged belt home lift in India will typically cost you between Rs. 48Lakh – Rs. 1 crore 3 lakh.

3. What is the cost of premium home lifts in India?

The cost of premium home lifts in India starts at Rs. 48Lakh – Rs. 1 crore 3 lakh. At Elite Elevators, you can get luxury German-engineered and Italian-made home lifts.

4. What are the factors that change the price of a home lift?

The final number of stops, type of view (blind or panoramic), number of doors, flooring, ceiling, interior walls, supporting structure and type of drive are the major factors that change the price of a home elevator.

At Elite Elevators, you can get a custom-built home elevator. Our home elevators are imported from Italy and engineered in ISO 9001:2015 (QMS) Standard – Germany. They have a worldwide reputation for being the safest and most technologically-adept in the market. For more details, call us at +91 93616 13131.

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