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About Elite Elevators

Elite Elevators is the most reputed home elevator company in India. Headquartered in Chennai, we provide home elevators, stairlifts, and platform lifts for residential spaces all over India. From small houses, villas, bungalows, residential buildings and luxury homes, our elevators will provide the best solution for vertical transit.

Our residential elevators are manufactured by TK Access Solutions at their special facility in Pisa, Italy and conform to the highest European standards. We offer home elevators that are tailor-made, pitless, and require no shaft and no machine room, making it the best fit for all your needs. All home lifts provided by Elite Elevators can be installed in properties currently under construction or installed seamlessly within an existing residence.

At Elite, we understand the struggle individuals face in accessing different floors in their own houses. Providing people with the power of accessibility is where our strength lies. Elite Elevators has emerged as the number one home elevator company in a short period. This is possible due to our sheer excellence and passion to elevate homes and provide great comfort to homeowners.

The Luxury Home Elevators

Delivering Comfort & Happiness With Our Sophisticated Residential Lifts

We’ve partnered with TK Access Solutions, a global manufacturer of residential lifts, to provide the world’s best residential lift solutions to the Indian market.

TK Access Solutions is known for its innovation in the residential lift industry. Elite Elevators is the business partner of TK Access Solutions. TK Access Solutions manufactures the company’s residential lifts in Pisa, Italy.

We are certified by TÜV SÜD for following the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) standards

Certified Home Elevators
We are certified by TÜV SÜD for following the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) standards. Powered by K Ramanathan & Co, Elite Elevators is the proud authorised partner of residential lifts supplied by TK Access Solutions.
TK Access Solutions Ltd. is one of the world’s leading suppliers of stairlifts, home lifts and platform lifts. Founded in 1967, they supply public and private solutions exclusively through a network of authorised partners across the globe.
With customers in over 100 countries served by more than 50,000 employees, TK Elevator achieved sales of around €8 billion in 2020- 2021. They have an extensive network with over 1,000 locations worldwide and guarantee closeness to customers.

A brand-new home lift from the house of Elite Elevators, the X300 home lift is made exclusively in India for Indians. Engineered to be two times faster with the largest cabin space, it is the ultimate home lift. It’s the first home lift to have multi-mode performance functions (like a sports car!)

Gearless home elevators are based on permanent magnet technology with high efficiency. They have high torque performance, which completely eliminates the need for a gearbox.
In partnership with TK Access Solutions, Elite Elevators introduces you to the world’s best hydraulic home elevators in the market. Our exquisite home lifts define the epitome of comfort and luxury.


The X300 is powered by top-notch and exclusive features, giving you a great bang for your buck. It seamlessly combines affordability with luxury to deliver a home lift experience better than the best.

Cogbelt Home Elevators

Operating with a patented cogbelt technology and a rivetless shaft, the E 300 home lift is at least 7 years ahead of other home elevators globally.

Hydraulic Home Elevators

In 2021, we proudly launched our most versatile home elevator to the Indian market, the E 200. This home lift is driven by tried-and-tested Italian hydraulic technology.

Our stairlift technology choices ensure convenient travel up and down the staircase with ease. Stairlifts and platform lifts are installed directly onto your stairs in only a few hours. The lift then carries you smoothly and quickly up almost any type of staircase.

E 50

Stairlifts for Home

Designed for seamless movement, the E 50 stairlift provides outstanding levels of comfort, confidence and craftsmanship. The E 50 stairlift is designed to fit on very narrow staircases and is one of the world’s most space-conscious stairlifts.

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Supra Chair lifts

The Supra and RPSP platform lifts culminate decades of platform lift experience, research and development. The seventh generation of the TK Access Solutions platform lifts, the Supra and RPSP offer world-class design and the latest safety features.

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Find A Quick Way to Home lifts price in India

The worth of investing in high-end home lifts in India, Consider the exclusive pricing crafted by Elite Elevators. Get the Price of Home Lifts in India to bring into your living space, and appreciate the carefully curated pricing offered by Elite Elevators for a truly elevated experience.

E200 - Swing Door

G+1 – Standard E200 – Swing Door ₹ 26,80,835

G+1 – Elegance E200 – Swing Door ₹ 31,41,544

G+2 – Standard E200 – Swing Door ₹ 30,11,430

G+2 – Elegance E200 – Swing Door ₹ 34,71,804

G+3 – Standard E200 – Swing Door ₹ 35,59,949

G+3 – Elegance E200 – Swing Door ₹ 40,19,982

G+4 – Standard E200 – Swing Door ₹ 43,23,955

G+4 – Elegance E200 – Swing Door ₹ 47,83,530

E300 - Sliding Door

G+1 – Standard E300 – Sliding Door ₹ 48,23,740

G+1 – Elegance E300 – Sliding Door ₹ 53,71,652

G+2 – Standard E300 – Sliding Door ₹ 51,89,016

G+2 – Elegance E300 – Sliding Door ₹ 57,36,928

G+3 – Standard E300 – Sliding Door ₹ 55,54,290

G+3 – Elegance E300 – Sliding Door ₹ 61,02,204

G+4 – Standard E300 – Sliding Door ₹ 59,19,566

G+4 – Elegance E300 – Sliding Door ₹ 64,67,478

E200 - Sliding Door

G+1 – Standard E200 – Sliding Door ₹ 31,11,170

G+1 – Elegance E200 – Sliding Door ₹ 34,98,065

G+2 – Standard E200 – Sliding Door ₹ 32,87,827

G+2 – Elegance E200 – Sliding Door ₹ 37,75,213

G+3 – Standard E200 – Sliding Door ₹ 39,87,065

G+3 – Elegance E200 – Sliding Door ₹ 44,69,704

G+4 – Standard E200 – Sliding Door ₹ 49,85,635

G+4 – Elegance E200 – Sliding Door ₹ 54,68,314

E50 - Stairlift Flow X

G+1 – (Stairlift Flow X) ₹ 13,41,180

G+2 – (Stairlift Flow X) ₹ 19,39,331

G+3 – (Stairlift Flow X) ₹ 26,87,020

G+4 – (Stairlift Flow X) ₹ 34,34,710

Happy Clients

Home Elevators Users

It takes a lot to be one of the most trusted lifts on the market, and we are grateful to our clients for giving us all the love & trust. At Elite, we take immense pride in delivering exceptional solutions to our customers.


Any surrounding furnishings will be noted and protected wherever possible. Equipment will be tested, and product usage demonstrations will be provided to clearly understand all features and operations. Any area affected by the installation will be cleaned, debris and packaging removed, and your home returned to you in immaculate condition. Elite Elevators’ manufacturer-certified professionals will survey your home, talk to you about your needs, and determine the best location to install the equipment.

Manufacturer-trained technicians will install your accessibility equipment quickly and professionally with minimal interruption to your life.


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Advanced technology, reliable, affordable and low cost for maintenance and operation.

No need for lubrication.

Comfortable and soft operation. Rapid response to commands.

You’ll realise the meaning of ‘pin-drop silence’ when the lift moves.

Long operation life, easy and safe functioning and high reliability.









Mohammad Azeez

Appreciate the prompt response from Ms.Aditya – CRM She followed up my case with the technical team and resolved the issue. Had continuos contact with me until the issue got resolved.Thank you Ms. Aditya

Pratiksha Mukherjee

Elite Elevators provided answers to all my questions and more. I had an excellent experience from sales to installation. Special thanks to Rakesh (sales), Veena (CRM head), Giridhar (CRM), and Veeramani (technician). Giridhar expertly handled logistics and coordination, while Veeramani’s product knowledge and problem-solving skills were invaluable.

M V Balasubramaniyam

Very safe home lift and customer friendly team. Knowledgeable technical team and ever helping customer care team. The CRM team continuously supports B enquiring and resolving issues, if any. The periodic maintenance is carried out regularly. Thanks Swapna from CRM for great support.

Karthikeyan Lakshmanan

I have purchased a Stair Lift from Elite Elevators in 2019 and it has been a wonderful experience right from the initial meeting. I am happy with the highly professional and courteous way in which everything is handled. To top it all I am very much impressed by their proactive and timely service. My sincere thanks to the entire team. Keep it up and my best wishes to everyone!

Ramakrishna Chowdappa

Good maintenance services after installation provided by Elite Elevators Ltd

“We did not have to make or break anything in our newly renovated house. That’s one thing I love about the chairlift. It ideally suits our purpose because me and my husband wanted to give the best for our aging parents. The chair is foldable making it compact, easy to use and silent. Installation was done without any hiccups. I am delighted.”

Dr Ashima Sardana

“I was skeptical about installing an elevator in our home because it was painstakingly constructed to be aesthetically pleasing. Elite elevators pleasantly surprised us by prioritizing design and performance, bundled in a package. And, my claustrophobic mom just loves the transparent door as it creates a sense of safety.”

Mrs. Kamal Bhatia

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