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The E200 hydraulic lift was designed to eliminate all of the factors that make a hydraulic lift difficult, such as choppy rides and jerky landings. This feature sets the E200 apart from any other hydraulic lift on the market. Powered by the roller chain mechanism, the E200 has a patented feature called Greaseless Rail (GLR) technology. The rails of the lift car are built of self-lubricating materials in this feature, eliminating the need for oil or grease. It protects the lift’s inner mechanisms from dust and grease damage, and it keeps the E200 smooth and quiet.


Technical Details

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The E200 is engineered to be far ahead of your conventional hydraulic lift. Our E200 hydraulic lift delivers a ride experience that is smooth and relatively bump-free and stands tall in its market segment. The E200 operates on a roller chain mechanism. It has a unique patented feature known as the Greaseless Rail (GLR) technology. In this feature, the rails of the lift car are made with self-lubricating materials, thereby negating the use of oil or grease. It helps protect the inner mechanisms of the lift from dust and grease damage and maintains the smoothness and quietness of the E200.

As for the safety of the E200, there are plenty of aspects that protect you and your loved ones. The E200 is certified by TÜV SÜD, Germany and Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3. It complies with the European home safety codes EN 81-41 and machinery directive 2006/42/EC. Since these are strict regulations that every home elevator in Europe should follow, the E200 has five safety layers embedded in it. The E200 can travel at speeds of 0.15 ms to 0.3 ms and can go up to 13,100 mm. It can also support a maximum load of 400 kg and is ideal for use by 3-4 people at a time.

This hydraulic lift can be installed for ground plus five floors, bringing the maximum stops to six. Based on this factor, the cost of the hydraulic lift will fluctuate. Customisations are another aspect that will change the final cost of the E200 hydraulic lift. We offer clients the option to customise the doors, shaft, indoor/outdoor and interiors of the lift. The more tailored your customisations are, the more your final cost will be influenced by them. Our hydraulic lift does not need a deep pit, machine room or headroom. It is also quite energy-efficient. It operates on a single-phase power supply and consumes 1.45 kW for ascending and 0 kW for descending.


Commonly Asked Questions

1. What is the price of hydraulic lifts in India?

The price of hydraulic lifts in India starts from Rs. 20L. Based on several factors, this price will increase. Elite Elevators’ hydraulic lifts for homes are German-engineered and Italian-made. Having none of the negatives of conventional hydraulic drives, our hydraulic lift is popular for its adaptability. For more information on our pricing details, do contact us.

2. Does customisation increase the cost of the E200 hydraulic lift?

Yes, customisation does increase the price of an E200 hydraulic lift. If you choose to have multiple stops, more than one door, fancy interior design and shaft/or no shaft, the price of the E200 will shift respectively.

3. How much does a safety-certified hydraulic home lift cost in India?

In India, there are few to no companies that manufacture or sell safety-certified hydraulic home lifts. Even if you do find a company that does, know that they’re branding a commercial elevator as a home elevator. This is dangerous, as commercial elevators are not recommended for residential use.

Elite Elevators, however, does sell safety-certified hydraulic home lifts in India. Our home lifts are certified by TÜV SÜD and SIL 3 and comply with European home safety codes EN 81-41 and machinery directive 2006/42/EC. In total, the E200 hydraulic lift follows over 194 parameters of safety. Do contact us if you are interested to know about the pricing.

4. What is the cost of premium hydraulic lifts in India?

The cost of premium hydraulic lifts in India starts from Rs. 25L. This number can go up based on technological features, country of origin and exclusivity of a premium hydraulic lift. Elite Elevators is a premium home lift company and has hydraulic lifts in its range. Our hydraulic lifts are smooth, fast and silent while being extremely safe, energy-efficient and space-conscious. Do check out our pricing details for innovative home lifts.





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