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Best Home Lifts Price in India

A home elevator or a residential lift is used to transport people from one level of their house to another. Additionally, it can even come in handy to transport heavy objects instead of the stairs with ease. It is used by the entire family (even kids and elders) to quickly access different levels of the home. Based on this definition alone, it is safe to say that home lifts are an investment. Moreover, home elevators are used by about 5-6 people in a day as compared to 100s of people with a commercial elevator. As a result of this, house lift prices in India range accordingly.

Since the requirements of a home lift are not the same as of a commercial lift, the price differs too. For a home lift, factors like the number of stops, operating technology, interior styling and outer structure affect the price. The more stylish or technologically advanced you want your home lift to be, the greater will be the cost of home lifts in India.

But, beware of shady brands! Many commercial lift manufacturers in India package their lifts as home lifts. These “residential lifts” are sold for a mere fraction of the actual cost of home lifts in India.

Additionally, these “home lifts” do not comply with any safety standards or have any safety certification that is required for a home.

Which, if you’ve done your research, know is the most important requirement in a home lift.

This is why you must always screen home elevator brands with a few questions. If they cannot get even one answer right, know that they are not genuine home elevator manufacturers. Sometimes, the cheap option is not always the best.

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So, let’s get back to the question at hand: how much do home lifts in India cost?

Home lifts in India can cost anywhere between Rs. 13 Lakhs – 1.5 Crores. Any “home elevator” that costs less than this bracket is not a genuine one. It is a sure sign that you are being duped by the manufacturer or seller. One important aspect to keep in mind while purchasing or deciding to purchase home lifts in India is that you must consider them as investments. Home lifts price in India may seem exorbitant to an unsuspecting few but they come with a multitude of benefits.

  • Safety of your family, friends and loved ones
  • Future-proofing your home for when you reach old age
  • Offering independence to your kids and the elderly at home
  • Increasing the property value of your home

E200 - Swing Door

G+1 – Standard E200 – Swing Door ₹ 26,80,835

G+1 – Elegance E200 – Swing Door ₹ 31,41,544

G+2 – Standard E200 – Swing Door ₹ 30,11,430

G+2 – Elegance E200 – Swing Door ₹ 34,71,804

G+3 – Standard E200 – Swing Door ₹ 35,59,949

G+3 – Elegance E200 – Swing Door ₹ 40,19,982

G+4 – Standard E200 – Swing Door ₹ 43,23,955

G+4 – Elegance E200 – Swing Door ₹ 47,83,530

E300 - Sliding Door

G+1 – Standard E300 – Sliding Door ₹ 48,23,740

G+1 – Elegance E300 – Sliding Door ₹ 53,71,652

G+2 – Standard E300 – Sliding Door ₹ 51,89,016

G+2 – Elegance E300 – Sliding Door ₹ 57,36,928

G+3 – Standard E300 – Sliding Door ₹ 55,54,290

G+3 – Elegance E300 – Sliding Door ₹ 61,02,204

G+4 – Standard E300 – Sliding Door ₹ 59,19,566

G+4 – Elegance E300 – Sliding Door ₹ 64,67,478

E200 - Sliding Door

G+1 – Standard E200 – Sliding Door ₹ 31,11,170

G+1 – Elegance E200 – Sliding Door ₹ 34,98,065

G+2 – Standard E200 – Sliding Door ₹ 32,87,827

G+2 – Elegance E200 – Sliding Door ₹ 37,75,213

G+3 – Standard E200 – Sliding Door ₹ 39,87,065

G+3 – Elegance E200 – Sliding Door ₹ 44,69,704

G+4 – Standard E200 – Sliding Door ₹ 49,85,635

G+4 – Elegance E200 – Sliding Door ₹ 54,68,314

E50 - Stairlift Flow X

G+1 – (Stairlift Flow X) ₹ 13,41,180

G+2 – (Stairlift Flow X) ₹ 19,39,331

G+3 – (Stairlift Flow X) ₹ 26,87,020

G+4 – (Stairlift Flow X) ₹ 34,34,710

To find out the exact price of our home elevators based on your preferences, go to our online price calculator to get a quote.

Number of Stops

Elite Elevators’ home elevators are made-to-measure and the cost of home lifts in India differs based on this aspect. This means that our home elevators are not standard or set in a cast. Our factory in Pisa, Italy manufactures your home elevator based on the specifications that our technical team gets after they inspect your home. One such important specification is the number of stops that the lift is going to make. The answer to this question lies entirely in the total number of floors your home has. Our home elevators can be used to access a maximum of 6 stops. The final number of stops will be determined after we can ascertain the feasibility of installing a home elevator in your home. Based on this, the cost of home lifts in India varies. Naturally, the more number of stops for your home elevator, the same will be reflected in the final cost.


The next factor that determines the cost of home lifts in India is the outer structure of the home elevator. The outer structure, also known as the shaft, is the structure that supports and holds the home elevator. Elite Elevators offers two options to our customers. We have: with shaft and without shaft home elevators.

With Shaft

In this option, our home elevators come with their own shaft. Your house does not need to have supporting walls, structures or beams to support the elevator. Here, installation is quick and easy with minimal disruption. With this option, you can install the lift anywhere in your home, even in the middle of your living room! This option alters the cost of home lifts in India.

Without Shaft

Here, our home elevators come without a shaft. For this, your house needs to have a masonry shaft so that the lift can be adequately supported. You need to provide a concrete wall on 1 or 3 sides to support our home elevator. Once you order our home elevator without a shaft, we will deliver the home lift in a CKD (Completely Knocked Down) structure. The home lift is imported from Italy and we will assemble the lift in the existing shaft.


With Elite Elevators’ home elevators, you can customise the interiors of your lift cabin. Customisations alter home lifts price in India. At Elite Elevators, several interior elements of the lift cabin can be customised.


For your lift cabin doors, you can choose from a range of doors based on their operation. Our lift cabin has two doors. You can choose between automatic sliding doors and swing doors. You can have two different doors (from the above) for the lift cabin or have the same style of doors too. Based on your choice, the home lifts price in India will change.


This refers to the view from inside the lift. If you want to play with natural light, you can opt for the panoramic view. In this view, the cabin walls are made of glass and galvanised steel. You can see your entire house from inside the lift and people from outside the lift can see you as well. This option is perfect for claustrophobic people or people who want the design of their home to merge with the elevator.

Another option is the blind view. Here, the view from inside and outside the lift cabin is blocked. The cabin walls are made of high-grade stainless steel and enclose all four of three sides of the lifts. You can choose to have the door of the lift cabin made in glass. The home lifts price in India will vary based on your choice.

Floor Finishes

We have a range of floor finishes that you can choose from. To attain a classic look, you can opt for a wooden textured finish. If you want to keep it clean and practical, you can opt for concrete textures.


For the ceiling, you can choose to have a standard LED light. We also have two other lighting options that are sure to give your elevators a premium look. These are the factors that influence house lifts price in India. Specifically, they pertain to the factors that play a role in the price of Elite Elevators’ home elevators. To reiterate, our home elevators aren’t just technological wonders, they are investments for a lifetime.

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