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The Next Generation of Home Lifts - E200

Altura home lift

E200 – The Most Adaptable & Versatile Home Elevator

With ingress into the year 2020, Elite Elevators proudly launches, TK Access Solutions most versatile home elevator to Indian market, E200. Also referred to as E200, This E200 is driven by TK Access Solutions trusted hydraulics technology. Keeping every home in mind this lift has a wide range of sizes & configurations. This home elevator is adaptable and can be used in a wide range of environments (both indoors and outdoors). This newly launched home lift is available with it’s own patented metallic shaft or can be installed in a masonry shaft as well.

Key Features

Ideal for every Indian Home

Altura home lift

Smooth from Start to Finish

All E200 Lifts are fitted with soft start and stop device as standard. A separate dedicated motor is fitted to ensure a jerk free ride. This patented feature guarantees you a smooth and seamless ride, the moment you press the floor button.

Easy to Install

Considering the requirement of every Indian home, this home elevator can be installed within just a few days. When installed in its own shaft, it requires zero to minimal civil/construction work. This home lift comes in eight standard sizes or can be customized as per your dimensions.

Altura home lift
Altura home lift

Greaseless Rails

What differentiates this home lift from any other product in the market is that though it operates on trusted hydraulics technology, but it doesn’t require any oil or grease on the rails or anywhere on the elevator. Therefore, your lift lasts longer, doesn’t attract any dust and keeps your home dirt and disease free.

Power Efficiency

Our Home Lifts operates on single phase power supply and consumes no power while descending. Infact E200 consumes the same power as half a ton AC. This unique feature of our home lifts helps our users immensely with finances as well as makes E200 an extremely environmentally friendly elevator.

Altura home lift
Altura home lift

Safety in our DNA

E200 is SIL 3 (Safety Integrity Level 3) certified. To understand the magnitude of this safety certification you should know that SIL is the certification used in Nuclear Plants. Therefore, it’s safe to say that E200 are the safest lifts across the world.

Design Your Own Lift

We understand that every home and it’s requirements are different. Therefore, you can choose from a wide selection of E200 cabins & finishes that suits your needs and matches your surroundings. We promise to match every interior and make your lift as a part of your home.

Altura home lift

E200 Elegance

Walls – Choice of high pressure laminates in different textures & effects

Floor – Stone, Carpet or Vinyl floorings in choice of colors

Mirror – Slim Vertical, Half Wall or Full Wall

Control Panel – A sleek backlit E200 control panel, mirrored steel or gold.

Handrail – Stainless steel or gold

E200 now available in our Patented Metallic Shaft

The required headroom for the shaft structure (distance from top floor to top of shaft) depends on the type of top roof and landing doors. This includes a free height of 30mm between metal shaft roof and building for installation purpose. Elongation of the shaft is possible. All the four sides will be cladded by the shaft panels in steel or glass, provided with a special gasket for water management. Also availabale essential panels to be mounted with silicon. It is highly recommended to use panels with gasket for outdoor installation. It is highly recommended to use steel panel on side G. The lowest and the top panels on the guide side are always provided with a round axial aerator. Typical Required Headroom with standard cabin. Please refer to “Feasibility information” section for futher details.

According to Eurocode, Seismic verification shall be checked with specifc calculations and defniton of fxing points for the specific unit

Shaft ceiling type

  • Header diagonal
  • Flat roof 1 or 2 pieces, depending on dimensions
  • Inclined roof 1 or 2 pieces, depending on dimensions


If the lift is installed without a pit, a ramp is mandatory according to EN81.41. Please check compliance to local regulations. Usually a boardwalk with low incline is executed at the building site. Optionally we can provide a ramp 120 mm high and 1000 mm long, made of aluminium and preventing slipping.

Altura home lift

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