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The E50 stairlift is the best mobility solution for people with mobility issues, injuries and senior citizens. This phenomenal stairlift is brought to you by Elite Elevators, the authorised global partner of TK Access Solutions, Germany. Elite Elevators is India’s only certified home elevator brand and we offer international-standard home lifts, hydraulic lifts and stairlifts ideal for versatile applications.


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This stairlift operates uniquely – instead of stopping, stuttering and readjusting at every landing/turn, the E50 stairlift flows in just one movement.

Powered by the rack and pinion drive and enhanced by the patented Advanced Swivel and Levelling (ASL) technology, the E50 is a revolutionary stairlift. This stairlift operates in a unique fashion, instead of stopping, stuttering and readjusting at every landing/turn, the E50 stairlift flows in just one movement. It glides along any type of staircase (be it straight, curved, half-turn or narrow) with ease. This is all thanks to ASL technology. Another commendable feature of this technology is its intuitive operation enabling the E50 to face away from the stairs, delivering great comfort and safety to users.

The E50 comprises a chair attached to a motorised track. The motorised track moves the chair up and down the staircase, dropping you off at your desired landing. It fits onto staircases as narrow as 610 mm. The E50 stairlift can support a maximum weight of 125 kg. The seat and footrest are adjustable, giving you a natural, gentle and comfortable recline. These features are available in different dimensions. Therefore, they are personalised for every client and influence the final price of the stairlift. Additionally, we give you the option to customise the upholstery and colours of the seating, footrest and rail.

Thanks to its ergonomic design, the E50 folds into a neat position, allowing unobstructed access to the staircase. It is also one of the most secure stairlifts. It has seven safety layers embedded in it. It complies with the European home safety codes for stairlifts EN 81-40 and machinery directive 2006/42/EC. This stairlift is just like any other home appliance. It operates on a battery and is reliable during power outages. Once the battery is drained, simply plug it into an outlet, charge it and it’s ready to take you through all levels in your home. After all, there are reasons why the E50 is an international award-winning stairlift.


Commonly Asked Questions

1.What is the cost of chairlifts in India?

Chairlifts are nothing but single-person lifts. Instead of a cabin taking you up and down, a chair attached to a motorised track takes you up and down the staircase. The cost of stairlifts in India ranges from Rs. 8L – Rs. 35L. The price depends on many factors: brand, make, technology, country of origin and personal add-ons.

Elite Elevators is a premium home lift and chairlift brand in India. Powered by the game-changing ASL (Advanced Swivel and Levelling) technology, the E50 stairlift is imported from the Netherlands. Click here to know the pricing detail.

2. What impacts the price of a stairlift in India?

The price of a stairlift is subject to several factors. First, the brand plays a huge role in the final price. If a stairlift is from a renowned manufacturer, you will see that reflected in the price. Secondly, the technology it uses influences the price too. Next, the country of origin or place of manufacture also plays a role in the cost. And last but not least, customisations. If you want a bespoke stairlift, the price will change accordingly.

Elite Elevators is a premium home lift and stairlift brand. We’ve partnered with TK Access Solutions, Germany to bring to Indian homes safe, reliable and technologically superior home mobility products. Our stairlifts are manufactured in the Netherlands and have been developed in Germany. They are leagues ahead technology-wise and can be customised to your liking.

3. What is the cost of an ASL stairlift in India?

The ASL (Advanced Swivel and Levelling) technology is a powerful technology that has completely overhauled stairlifts. Developed by TK Access Solutions, Germany, this technology makes the user experience safe, comfortable and natural. Elite Elevators offers ASL-powered stairlifts in India. It is imported from their partner’s factory in the Netherlands. For pricing details click here.


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