Elite Elevators: X 300 Gearless Home Elevators for Modern Living

Affordable & Customisable - The X300 Gearless Home Lift

X300 – The Real Home Lift Made Just For You

Elite Elevators is proud to introduce our newest home lift, the X300. The X300 is an affordable, and state-of-the-art home elevator where your comfort takes centre stage. With a glass body, faster and smoother performance and great RoS (Returns on Space), the X300 is your go-to vertical mobility solution. We’ve merely covered the tip of the iceberg — with the first-ever multi-mode function and aluminium frame, the X300 is packed to the brim with exclusive features.

Key Features of Gearless Belt Drive Home Lifts

Features of Gearless Home Elevators
  • First-ever multi-mode function
  • Customisable landing display
  • 2x faster performance
  • Compatible with G+5 stops
  • No pit, machine room or headroom
  • 360-degree panoramic glass views
  • World’s largest cabin size (1500 mm x 1500 mm)
  • Weight capacity – 430 kg with overload detector
  • 100% Vastu compliant
  • Lifetime warranty on motor
  • 10 years warranty on rusting

Perfect for your home

Double the speed, double the performance

We’ve accelerated the speed limit on the X300 to help you move quickly. The X300 offers speeds of 1 metre per second — two times the speed of our other home lifts. You get limitless speed, powered by a gearless belt drive for maximum impact.

4 Performance Modes, 4 Tailored Experiences

Ever heard of a home lift with multiple performance modes? Until the X300, there wasn’t any. To match the pace and unique style of different lifestyles, the four modes capture this exact essence in the X300. The performance modes — Sports, Comfort, Eco & Personalisation — cater to differing lifestyles. And, we’re just one call away if you ever want to switch the modes to match your mood.

Home Mobility Solutions for Home Lifts

Race track feel at home: Sports Mode

The Sports Mode is all about savouring a pulsing, adrenaline-filled experience. In the Sports Mode, every millisecond matters to keep you moving at high speed. The cabin lands faster and doors open and shut before you make a move. The Sports Mode is made for the movers and shakers leading a fast-paced life.

All about luxury: Comfort Mode

The Comfort Mode delivers a personalised, exclusive experience. We crafted this mode for families who prefer the finer things in life. The Comfort Mode waits on you diligently – the lights will always be on, the doors are always open and the speed is optimised for a gentle, unhurried experience.

Move with mindfulness: Eco Mode

The Eco Mode is a match made in heaven for families where conscious lifestyles are the norm. What this mode lacks in speed, it makes up for in intuitive controls and energy efficiency. Eco Mode saves the most power as its lighting is lower than usual for optimal power consumption, the lights are turned off on standby and the speed itself is casual and relaxed.

Tailor your experience: Personalisation Mode

The Personalisation Mode lets you take full control of your elevator experience. We offer you the choice to mix and match functions from your personal preferences or the other modes. This creates an elevator experience that is completely unique to you and your home.
Worlds Safest Gearless Home Elevators

Feel The Thrill With The Gearless Belt Drive

When we went to the drawing board to understand what you’d want in an affordable yet luxurious home elevator, the answers were simple. Speed, minimal electricity consumption, high functionality and advanced technology were at the forefront. All of this is possible with our deftly-engineered gearless belt drive.

Remote Monitoring & Updates

If our smartphones have evolved to accommodate remote issue detection and software updates, then why can’t our home elevators? The X300 is wired to a CANbus system which lets us perform varied functions. We can live-monitor the mechanics, detect a problem, know when service is needed and deploy remote software updates. The X300 is an affordable investment that keeps on giving.

The Small Home Elevators in India

Safety is our primary concern

There’s an entire list of people who will use your home elevator. From toddlers, young adults, pregnant mothers, mobility-impaired family and seniors, there’s no limit. Since their safety (and yours) is non-negotiable, we’ve worked every conceivable safety measure into our elevator DNA. We also have 24×7 hotline numbers for support in 7 regional languages.

Safety Integrity Level (3) Certification

European Home Safety Code Compliant

5 In-Built Safety Layers

A Beautiful Interior & Exterior Aesthetic Home Lifts

Bring a boutique hotel aesthetic to your home with the X300. Crafted with floor-to-ceiling glass walls and doors, the X300’s exterior design offers an open and airy aesthetic. With customisable frame colours and a unique landing display, the lift’s exterior complements your home decor, as well.

  • Walls & Doors – Glass walls and doors in a powder-coated aluminium frame. Frameless option also available
  • Landing Display – Touch-screen and backlit landing display. Floor name customisation available
  • Flooring – Standard wooden and granite flooring options. Customisation available.
  • Lighting – Brightness-adjustable glow lights
  • Ventilation – Speed-adjustable fan. Air conditioning unit is optional.
  • Phone connection – 1 GSM phone with 2 fire alarm extenders
Out door Home Elevators

Now Available in Our X shaft

Every home lift is supported by an enclosure called the shaft. A shaft is vital for ensuring the home lift stands upright at all times. For the X300, we have a special shaft called the Xshaft. The Xshaft goes together with the X300 like bread and butter and is an add-on feature. It’s made of floor-to-ceiling glass framed in curved aluminium ends.

Here’s why the Xshaft is perfect for the X300:

  • Complete glass views make it easy for you to see your loved ones clearly in transit
  • Aluminium frame is handcrafted with curved ends
  • It is safe and adds an aesthetic appeal
  • Powder-coated frame makes it durable, rust-free and low-maintenance
  • Comes in Pure White, Cream white, Midnight Black, Ashton Grey.
  • Can be customised in other aspects to match your requirements
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