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Apr 25, 2020

Home elevators’ motto must be to ensure maximum customer safety, reliability and satisfaction, so we make sure that our elevators are just perfect for your home. In TK Access Solutions, All the manufacturing products meet the “Bureau of Indian Standards and European standards” or highly customized to your requirements. Our best product quality and high standards make us one of the top Indian elevator companies. Very important thing to notice here is that, in India, there is a lack of proper safety standards. So, TK Access Solutions complies to European standards of Safety. Based on our expertise, here are few qualities that a home elevator must have.

1) Customization. The design should blend in with the interior of your home.
2) Convenient Design. Installation shouldn’t involve your home being completely reconstructed.
3) Safety. Make sure to ask about the technical aspects of your home elevator.
4) Home Value Increase.


Our home lifts use PMS motor. All our lifts have micro process control and have variable speed drive with minimum electricity consumption. Our elevators ensure minimum breakdown and operate efficiently with low investment. They do not require a separate Machine-room which helps save space in your house.Similarly, the main moving mechanisms of our lifts are the “Cog Belt Technology” and “Hydraulic Elevation system”. Devoid of complex mechanism, the lifts (H300 and H200 respectively) of TK Access Solutions carry these to ensure comfort, luxury and safety.
Our home elevators are designed matching your imagination. We provide best types of lifts for homes which are compact, safe, technologically superior and most importantly aesthetically pleasing to your eyes and mind. The interiors are so beautiful that it gives you the best luxury experience. Self-supporting metal shafts are also provided to remove the shackles of civil complications to place a lift.

Home Elevators in India must comply to very strong Third-party certifications owing to the lack of proper safety standards. TK Access Solutions Home lifts are the only lifts that comply to European Third-Party certifications to provide the utmost safety.
TÜV SÜD for following the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) standards certified which is third party organization which make sure the parts and machinery is certified or not. Elevators pass through 144 parameters of safety measures to keep customer safe while travelling from elevators and use 4 rescue procedure.TK Access Solutions home lifts comply to European Standards of Machine Directive 2006/42/EC and EN 81-41 but most importantly it complies to SIL-3 standard of safety. SIL or Safety Integrity Level certification is provided to bigger structures such as Nuclear Power Plants and Bullet trains.

Based on our presence in the Indian Elevator market, we have found that these are the mandatory features of a Home Lift.

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