How to Ensure Landing safety of home elevators

Home lifts have become an ideal choice for the people to enjoy their stay at home peacefully. Home elevators are specially designed elevator models with customized options to have easy access to the various floors of the home.Landing is one of the key cycles in the operation of a Home Elevator and challenges to precision and safety occur in those areas.Landing involves multiple mechanical movements in the operation of the lift and there are certain points that you should be well aware of to ensure maximum safety to the people in the lift and also to the working of the Home elevator. Here are few points to consider to ensure landing safety of home elevators.
• In the time of construction make sure all the landing of the elevator well should be of the same depth such that when elevator is installed the gap between the elevator and the landing remain same on every floor.
• If the gap between the elevator and the landing is more than the mentioned limit then it has to be taken care before handing it to be used by the customer.
• The floor level inside and outside of the elevator on each and every floor should be same, so the passenger using the elevator should not face any step up or down while entering and exiting the elevator.


• The sensors in the home elevator should be calibrated in such a way that it only opens the elevator doors when the level of the floor inside and outside of the elevator is matched.
• While using the home elevator make sure that the passenger should stand away from the door and make sure their clothes don’t come near the door while it’s closing.
• Never try to open the doors when the elevator is not at the floor and never try the stop the elevator’s door while it is being closed.
• If you want to keep the door of the elevator open, hold the button or ask someone to hold it for you.
• While maintenance work is being done and the door is open on any particular floor, don’t go near to that. The engineers working there have taken proper training for doing the maintenance work.
• Routine servicing of the home elevator has to be done in timely interval in order to keep the elevator working properly and also for the detailed inspection of all the components of the home elevator.
• This not only helps to keep the home elevator working in proper condition but also assures all the safety parameters are in good state, thus avoid accidents.
• Any sign of wear and tear of the door is observed or if it’s jammed or something avoid using the elevator and call the technicians.

These hassles are generally associated with local manufacturers and most of the advanced technologies involving sensors and programmable logic circuits are devoid in these companies. TKE Home Lifts are integrated with Magnetic Driven Controls for the automation of the lift and Advanced Error Notification Systems (AENS) which possesses a complete log of all the actions and errors that the system of the lift has incurred over the time. This ensures utmost safety to the users as these technologies adhere to TUV Safety Certification and SIL – 3 Certification.

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