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Often we go through the newspaper headlines highlighting accidents in a lifts. Few lifts are reported to be always problematic & few take too long time to become operative. We also view in TV news stating the mishaps in lifts, crushing the passengers, falling down or frequent faults. And the extreme of such happenings motivate us to pray silently for the safe journey whenever we are travelling in the lift. According to recent survey India holds a dubious  2nd spot in terms of elevator accidents. There may be numerous quality, maintenance & care related issues behind such happenings but Vastu is a science of directions, energies and vibrations which may help us to have some control over such unpleasing incidents.

Role of lifts in Vedic time:

Our Vedas were consecrated about 5000 years back when only one storeyed houses were built. Though the forts, Havelies, castles & similar huge buildings were also built during that period but the people of that era did not feel the necessity of any device which could carry them on higher levels in the building. The human being was so healthy & strong that just stairs were enough for them to approach to upper levels or roof. Even, the height of each riser used to be 10 inches or more. One may find the huge staircase with bigger risers and broader treads in monuments also. Moreover, there was no technical background or support to device any tool, instrument, equipment or apparatus to be used as a lift for humans or objects. Though human of that period knew that any object may also be moved, lifted or carried through other simple means like lifting water from a well with the help of a bucket & rope. Same concept may have given birth to the idea of using a device that could vertically carry or lift a human being too.

The above description reveals and supports the fact that there was no culture of using lifts in ancient era. In fact the lifts are the requirements of modern day’s life when three or more storeyed buildings came in trend. Therefore there is no description about the lifts in any epic like Vedas or other sacred texts written on Vastu Shastra. Even lifts, their structure, purpose & details are not found in any ancient book related to the architectural work i.e. Vastu Kala.

Role of lifts in modern time:

Lift (passenger/ material lift) are the inevitable component of each multistoried building like multilevel big houses, multi-floored houses, multistoried buildings i.e. high-rise apartments & flats etc. In modern hospitals, commercial complexes, tourist spots, hotels and other structures also lift is an important component to use as a vertical transportation of man, vehicles, goods & other materials.But now-a-days the interest, faith & craze towards Vastu is increasing day by day and all Vastu believers are trying to locate everything in the residential and commercial buildings as per Vastu tenets. In this course, it is almost impossible to find any epical text anywhere that may guide us about Vastu for lifts. Hence, we have to study & analyze the factors & elements involved in a lift very prudently. After applying each factor matching with Vastu logic is the only way to overcome this situation.


M.A., M.B.A, Ph. D (Socio), Ph.D. (Vastu), D.Sc. Eq D.Lit (Vastu)

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Vastu for lifts- An undefined subject:

On one hand the desire among the common mass to incorporate Vastu principle is increasing day by day; on the other hand, Home lifts Vastu defines the Vastu position/ placement of lift differently. The difference in opinion is certainly due to few factors which urges the Vastu consultant to define the Vastu tenets as per his own assumptions which may mainly & largely depend upon his academic back ground, presence of mind, logical aspect & personal interest to define anything differently. But anything shall be recognized as authentic only when it is defined & explained logically, scientifically & rationally.

Different direction assigned to each element oflifts:

If we look upon the elements of a lift, it comprises the Pit, Electric Motor, Shaft, Cabin, Opening (doors) and other components. Vastu defines each of them as under:

  1. It’s recommended for home or residential properties to opt for latest no pit lifts. However, for commercial use pit should be in the north-east direction of the building.
  2. High power electric motor should be avoided.
  3. If the lift is to be used for duplex villa, then the direction plays more important role. It should not be in north-east, east & north.
  4. Lift is mostly made of metal & the positive direction for metal is west.
  5. Moving nature of lift prefers it in north-west of the building structure.
  6. Entrance & exit doors of the lifts should be in the east or north.
  7. Location of lift should not be in the north-east zone of any building.
  8. Lifts are seriously negative if placed in the middle of a building i.e. Bramha Sthan.
  9. The other factor is color. Vastu defines which color is positive in which direction. Mainly golden, silver, steel, white, black etc. are the colors used in lift. As per Vastu we should decide the color as per the direction of the lift.

Hence the direction and location of a lift should be fixed keeping in mind all the above factors which should be handled very carefully. As cited above it is tedious to incorporate everything as per Vastu hence the following intelligent strategy should be adapted by the learned, professionally qualified & experienced Vastu consultant:

  • Try to incorporate maximum possible Vastu factors,
  • Think of the second & third options also,
  • Keep in mind all the balancing factors of Vastu,
  • Adapt remedial Vastu beforehand if needed,

Reasons why I recommend Elite Elevators for Home Lifts:

  • Elite Elevators home lifts are pit less, which counters a major Vastu conflict. Because having a pit in north-west is a major Vastu defect leading to instances of wealth loss & it is essential to counter this Vastu defect before digging the pit.
  • Since these Home lifts operate on single phase power supply which is equivalent to power consumed by a half ton a/c, therefore high power consumption is not there.
  • The application of Vastu in lift also depends upon the height of the roof increased due to the motor room on terrace. However, elite elevators home lifts are headroom/machine room less.
  • Vastu defines which color is positive & negative for every house. Elite Elevators have numerous shaft & cabin colors at their disposal, so most probably will fit with the Vastu of every home.
  • One of the major Vastu defect is to install the lift at Brahma Sthan i.e. the centre of any residence. However, Elite Elevators home lifts are customized & hence there is no need to ….. the Brahma Sthan.

Certainty, there are many restrictions of Vastu while planning to install a lift in a building, BUT a seasoned Vastu consultant may give you more options to construct a lift area in the building. However, for residential purpose you can safely go with Elite Elevators’ TK Access Solutions home lifts to counter multiple Vastu defects. But the expert Vastu advice will be wise to consider before planning a lift.


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