Client Testimonial Video – Vaibhav – Delhi:

The Brand:

Actually i needed a lift for my home and i did some digging and u know the safest one that i got for home was just thyssenkrupp because actually mainly most of the lifts company are there for commercial uses and I needed one for private so that’s why i went to thyssenkrupp because it has some kind of a different safety features then the otis and schindler and all.

The Choice:

So I didn’t had provision earlier so it was very good for me you know i didn’t expect that
they would be able to do that much, I thought that I need to build another space for the lifts, so when i met the Thyssenkrupp they told me that it would be enough so it was the first thing that came to my mind is it’s very good.

The Value:

Because you know at that kind of space no other company was able to build that much Kind of lift that can put up that much kind of weight so it’s very convenient for me.

The Understanding:

Because actually the lift that i bought was custom made because normally the one they are pre built so the Thyssenkrupp the one I bought is custom built for my home it was tailor made by the company owners and they designed it the way i needed it.

Love for Features:

As per the features i agree there are many you know safety features especially the one you can say this line it’s pretty much useful because now a days we don’t know about the ending point. If we go because i have seen many of the lift can cause harm. So in that kind of features i prefer my life is too much safe then the other one. I have a pet and you know pets are usually unstable and they can’t be control that much even with the leash. Because it’s a very small room in the left and you can’t control the pet and in the meanwhile going up from down the pet can get hurt. In my lift you can see there is pretty much safety line my pet even touches it lift stops where it is so it’s very good features for me if you can say.

Special Moment:

I was 11:59, One minute to my birthday and they just turn on the lift and when i came Down they give me surprise happy birthday to the ground floor everybody was there.

The Recommendation:

I will very much like recommend them because of the class it give you. Because not everybody gets the prediction of you know that I will be putting a lift here or something like that maybe there can be a sudden program of making a lift or doing something like that. So for that cases i will say ThyssenKrupp is a very good thing.

About Elite Elevators:

I will say that Elite Elevator are literally the real lifts. Yeah, there is literally piece of mind and guarantee to the lift.