Rekesh Suri From Delhi

The Brand

I think most important factor first was safety, because I have seen that having an elevator especially in a residential area where wed live and we do not have any fore back plan other than just making sure that whatever we are going to utilise has the highest level of safety and standard maintained, I think that was one and then of course the needs, was the fact what we have elderly people in our family and I have our pet dog as well who is unable to move up and down and I just wanted to do something. I may be more human and I thought that may be and he would cherish the fact that we are able to give all the love that we could also got from him. So this was the decision my wife and me made, that it would be something we would spend money on rather that utilising those funds on which we really do not need.

The Value

It brings people from one level to the other especially the elderly, they never saw what happens upstairs because they could not walk up. This way we have the family all together rather then we always have to come down.

The Understanding

At the time we have engaging to get this lift, we went deep diving into what exactly and where exactly it must fit and ever to the eye tough details. I think that detailing was quite essential. And only because of that when the installation took place, it was flawless.

The Love for Features

Well I think one is that we feel very safe in it, which you do actually because it is not moving as fast which is good because, well I think one is that we feel very safe in it, which you do actually because it is no moving as fast which is good because I am fine with the speed, we feel that its more comfortable. I like the cosmetic look of it. Its really good and sleek.The metal frame and metal look is unique.

The Recommendations

If anybody want to have a lift in a house other than just being need based it definately gonna add a cosmetic look of the house, because you know its the structure within, its gonna look good, its gonna make your house look better and at the same time feel safe.

The Services

See the BMW is not made in Delhi, so at the end of the day is not where its built, its about the connection you have with the team and how they reciprocate, I think thats more important. And secondly they have calls from customer support team, seeking any input, asking if there iOS any issues or anything is not asking right. I do not think it is detmont at all if the service is good.

Finally I would like to tell “Elite Elevators the real home lift it is, and a guaranteed peace of mind”.