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gearless Home elevators

Different varieties of  Gearless Home Elevators Models

Our gearless home elevators are trademark of safety and luxury. These home lifts are perfect for Bungalows, Villas & private residences. These home lifts are tailor made and hence can be installed in the minimal space & inside or outside your premises. We require no pit, no headroom and our lifts operate on just single-phase power supply. Apart from this our major focus has always been on safety, since we realize that our lifts will be used specially for residential purpose and we guarantee you that these lifts are 100% safe even for kids to use.

Gearless Home Elevators are based on the permanent magnet technology with high efficiency and have high torque performance, which completely eliminated the gear box.


Home Elevators Series can be designed to perfectly match your personal style and home decor. With two options, Classic and Modern, you can pick your style and then customize everything from your cabin walls to floors to lighting.

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