Mrs. Desai From Hyderabad

Reason for stairlifts ?

We have bought this house which was already constructed, We didn’t want to make any holes in the roof or so to say on the floors, So when we came to this house, we thought first we should go with this “Chair Lift” But we didn’t know where to find it. How to go about it, And i have a habit of going through Facebook, So then our journey started with the elite people, Going back and forth for the appointments And getting things started. The best part of this chair lift is we always we are in control Other than some other machine somewhere. we are in control of the lift and that helps a lot in making us feel confident.

Experience with Elite Elevators?

Totally wonderful, Experience with your people, they were not irritable, not angry, sweet to talk, Good things about stair lifts?, Too fascinating, let us say it’s fashionable, It doesn’t occupy space in my house, Because the lift takes a part of your real estate, Here, only the steps is the portion that’s taken in your real estate but doesn’t affect the day to day life. Ya, I liked it and I fell in love with it that’s about it.

Installation process?

Wonderful! Too good!, In fact, i was a bit hesitant when they started boring holes into my steps. I was a bit hesitant if there would be some cracks, But, the man was so confident, he told, ” Madam, after I do the work, you’ll see”, And right absolutely! He was , not 100%, but 200% right that , There was no other damages by drilling the hole into the steps.


Already I’m suggesting to some of my friends and relatives who want to know the details, we are very happy with the company.

Peace of Mind & Real Home lifts?

Total “Peace of Mind Guaranteed” for me, Elite Elevators the real home lifts.