Right Ways of Choosing a Home Elevator

While constructing a luxurious new residence it is vital to include an elevator in the design. Elevators add superior convenience to multi-level homes, and a home elevator will ensure increase in accessibility. By selecting the elevator carefully, ensures it service over the years. Some of the way of choosing a home elevator is as follows:

1. Consider the Home Layout
An elevator will take up space on every floor that it services. By keeping space in mind while choosing a new elevator, we can make sure that the elevator integrates seamlessly into the home design. If it is a smaller home, then a compact elevator that is designed for residential use has to be chosen.Customizable TKE Home Elevators helps the customer to utilize the space inside the Home in a very efficient manner.

2. Evaluate Various Elevator Styles
Style is also a key consideration while choosing a new home elevator. New elevators come in a variety of styles, so an elevator needs to be chosen that matches the interior design scheme of the home. If the home has classic design cues, then it is important to pick out a classically styled elevator that features luxurious embellishments. Modern homes may look best when they are paired with streamlined elevators.TKE Home Elevators offers many Designer themes and color patterns which helps the customer in designing the dream home.

3. Knowing about the Type of Elevators
Home lift companies in India allow customers to install an elevator that comes with the latest technologies for gaining more advantages. It is necessary to get more ideas about the types from a leading for ensuring high efficiency and performance. Another thing is that it will help a lot to save more money in the maintenance program by addressing essential requirements.
• A cog- belt elevator enables the homeowners to operate a life without the support of a rope, piston, and rope.
• The gearless elevators are a suitable one for eliminating the need for a pot and other things for reducing expenses significantly.
• Small and medium-sized apartments can benefit a lot with hydraulic elevator for minimizing unwanted problems.

4. TKE Home Elevators offers two type of drive systems:
• Cog Belt Gearless Drive (H300 Model)
• Hydraulic type Drive system. (H200 Model)
• Maintenance Plans
The right home elevator will be easy to maintain over the years. Reliability is the key factor to be considered while choosing an elevator. Warranty and service factors need to checked as well.The 14 patented features of TKE Home Elevators help to reduce the unnecessary maintenance issues that arises in other elevators. Also, the additional AMC’s provided along with an efficient service team increases the reliability factor.

5. Manufacturer Reputation
A well-built home elevator should last many years with scheduled maintenance. Choose a wellknown manufacturer with history in the business. A home elevator should not be chosen based on the price but rather the quality it provides.TKE is a 200+ year old German goliath, with its wings spread across multiple sectors like automobile, steel, elevator industries and various engineering sectors.TKE Home Elevators have been installed in every city in India and the services are available pan across India as well.

6. Dealer Expertise
Installing a residential elevator is for the pros only. Licensed, experienced elevator technicians will ensure that your elevator meets all national and local code which is critical for safe operation. Elite Elevators are the exclusive dealers for TKE’s Home Elevator Division in India. With over 25 year of Manufacturing Lift, Elite Elevator are the pioneers are in the industry and are certified as the Safest Home Elevator.

7. Certification
Most companies would claim that they are certified. It is sad to know that in India, there are no proper certifications for Home Elevators. It is recommended for the user to ask for sample certifications to verify their claims. TKE complies to TUV and is certified with SIL-3 and we provide users with a sample certification.

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