Key Points to Maintain your Home Elevator

Home Elevators are introduced to market basically in Hydraulic System and Gearless systems. Whereas there are commercial brands with traction lifts that operate on weight and pulley, which possess too heavy materials, runs only on 3 phase electricity, are not safe for children and also demands that the products to be used safely instead of it providing safety in a residential house. But there is a point that for a good working condition of a lift, i.e. a heavy traction lift mechanism, it needs to run continuously for almost 720 minutes out of 1440 minutes a day similar to a commercial vehicle. But regarding a house it’s not possible. However local manufactures different cheap parts from different brands out of the country, manufacture local unauthorised materials and assembling them into a one lift which clearly displays a factor of unsafeness. Therefore


While Maintaining a Home Elevator from Local manufacturers what points required to check to maintain it VS TKE Home Elevator:

1. Eye on Average Power Stability: – A Hydraulic Lift Operates on single phase electricity connection (230V) with a minimal power requirement & consumption, where power is to fluctuate every now then and sometimes just for minutes power doesn’t used to sufficient to operate the lift and the battery backup doesn’t work, there is a chance to get stuck and you requiring a stabilizer to maintain the function. But with TKE Home Elevator that accident is not possible While there are 2 guaranteed emergency battery backup and not necessary for any stabilizer.

2. Eye on Hydraulic oil leakage on piston inside the shaft: – There is always a chance to get leakage on piston with local manufactures while products are assembled and tap-loon tapping along with masonry work’s done at site. While with TKE it’s completely knocked down kit, just plug & play at the site & no tap-loon tapping, therefore there is no chance of piston leakage.

3. Eye on Doorway obstructions:- As local manufactures provide just a hydraulic lift with locally assembled parts and no any added special features on smooth running and stoppage, there is always a chance on doorway obstruction while the elevator doesn’t stop or reach in appropriate line, scenarios like such you need a check and call a lift engineer. But the TKE Magnetic driven control system, which also operates the current fastest running bullet trains in china, provides the proper landing and no any doorway obstruction ever. But TKE’s Advanced Error Notification System (AENS) keeps a complete log of all the errors or services that needs to be done in the lift so the maintenance of such systems becomes easier.

4. Cables and wiring: – To get less chance of accident, you need to regularly check your cables and wiring on the installed mechanism & car. However, in TKE it is not required to check your cables with because of plug & play system and additionally Error notification display helps you to see if any errors are there in your lift and notify you of maintenance services in the near future.

5. Routine maintenance:- You needs to check dates and remind your lift provider to give the routine product service, but in TKE- By harnessing the power of the Internet of Things with solutions like MAX & VIEW- Real Time Field Operations System, TKE is stepping further into the digital era and transforming the way the elevator industry offers maintenance services. You need not check and call engineers, factory engineers automatically get know and come for it. So it practically doesn’t require any sort of maintenance owing to TKE’s embrace of such futuristic technologies.

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