Elevators Designed in Italy Especially for Your Home

Elevators deSigned in Italy especially for your home

The modern design has been widely used in every aspect of our homes. We all want the best for our place that will bring a new element of design in our life. At Elite Elevators we understand the value of quality of a well designed technology.  We provide home elevators that are goes beyond just the idea of utility. Our elevators are well known for their technology and advanced level of design setups.Our elevators are specially designed in Italy under TKE access solutions.

Every Elevator is carefully designed and manufactured as per your specification. There are number of different model under us that can be installed in any style of home and connect your home more efficiently.Altura – One of our patent cog-belt designs in the home elevator segment. It can be easily installed any home with or without a shaft. The Altura can easily connect multiple stories and even replace an old elevator in your place.HE series 6 & 7 – The series operates on a gearless motor which is extremely silent. But these elevators are more designed to fulfil your desire for design.The elevator has a custom classic and modern aesthetics.Orion – It is our first model in the conventional hydraulic division. The Orion has number of custom options can easily operate with just one side support and the rest of cabin can operate independently.Gulliver – The hydraulic elevator is especially designed for installation in the outdoor.

It can easily stand on its own outside next to your wall and connect floors without disturbing interior. Its galvanised metal can easily tolerate the weather and perform smoothly.The home elevator in India is constantly changing as customers want a more premium product for a lifetime use. Elite Elevators are the one that delivers it to your doorstep.

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