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Elite Elevators is a Chennai based Home Elevators Company in India. We are providing Home Lifts, Residential Elevators, Stair Lifts, Platform Lifts, Cog Belt Home Elevators, Gearless Residential Lifts and Hydraulic Home Elevators for Small House, Villas, Bungalows, Buildings and Luxury Homes to all over India. 

In a short span of time, Elite Elevators have established itself as the #1 Home Elevators Company in India. Our residential elevators are manufactured by ThyssenKrupp Access in a special facility in Pisa, Italy & follow European Standards of Home Lifts. These home lifts can be installed at under construction houses as well as existing homes, as our home elevators are tailor-made, pit less, they require no shaft & no machine room. Contrary to traditional & commercial lifts in India, our lifts are strictly manufactured for residential purpose for Duplexes, Bungalows, residential buildings & Villas. Post-installation our home elevators are certified by TUV, a third party organization which measures product’s safety as per European Standards & guarantees you Peace of Mind. 

TUV SUD Certified Home Elevators

Elite Elevators offers TUV SUD Certified Home Elevators imported from Thyssenkrupp, Italy. We tied up with Thyssenkrupp Access, the global manufacturer of home elevators, wheelchair lifts and stair lifts to provide high-end elevators in India. Elite Elevators provides best lift solutions for your existing home with no requirement for a pit or headroom.

ThyssenKrupp is a German Based multi National company which was established in 1811, with 200+ years of experience in delivering excellence, ThyssenKrupp Home Elevators is one of the largest business conglomerate globally, with 1,80,000+ employees and an annual revenue of 42.7 Billion Euro. Thyssenkrupp is known for its quality, safety and reliability. ThyssenKrupp Residential Elevators, manufactured in a special facility in Italy, recently has been awarded as ‘The World’s Safest Home Lifts’, which itself is an epitome of the standards we follow.

Elite Elevators powered by K Ramanathan & Co are the business partners of the Residential Lifts manufactured by ThyssenKrupp in India. In just 7 years our lifts are installed in over 50 cities all across India.


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The new Cog-belt is the only elevator technology that operates without ropes, chains, and pistons. It uses a gear-less cogbelt drive which is stronger than steel and are noiseless.

Gearless Home Elevators are based on the permanent magnet technology with high efficiency and have high torque performance, which completely eliminates the gearbox.



The Altura’s cog belt technology ensures quiet operations with an extra-gentle start and stops while its wide selection of bespoke interior finishes can accommodate each customer’s individual design preferences. This new technology ensures a near silent operation.

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Home Elevators 6Series can be designed to perfectly match your personal style and home decor. With two options, Classic and Modern, you can pick your style and then customize everything from your cabin walls to floors to lighting.

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Elite Elevators h7

Home Elevators the new generation of lifts specifically designed for private areas. A Home Elevator makes you feel at home every ride is a relaxing and convenient journey due to the new soft drive technology.

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Hydraulic Home Elevators are engineered for low- to mid-rise buildings and can travel up to 50 feet. These elevators meet and exceed all requirements set by the European Commission and TUV.


orion hydraulic elevator

Orion is a hydraulic vertical platform lift that is suitable for a wide range of home and public buildings. The platform size can be customized to specific measurements and features a range of different materials for side walls, floor and ceiling.

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gulliver hydraulic elevator

Gulliver is a hydraulic vertical platform lift that is suitable for a wide range of home and public buildings. The platform lift is very versatile, offering 71 standard platform sizes and a rise of up to 15 meters. It can also be accessed from three sides.

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elegance hydraulic elevator

The Elegance Home Elevator combines the latest technology with functionality and design offering you a wide variety of finishes and configurations. It comes with the option of a modular metal shaft structure.

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The Stair lift technology ensures that you can traverse through those steps conveniently. Installed on your stairs, in only a few hours, the lift carries you smoothly and quietly up any type of stairs.


Elite Elevators flow1

When mobility is an issue, a curved stairway may seem daunting, but the Flow II makes it easy and luxurious. Elegant and thoughtful design, plus an array of features, allows the Flow II to access virtually any floor.

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Elite Elevators levant

Simple and capable, the Levant is the economical choice for straight stair lifts. Offering the power and reliability of its siblings with streamlined options, the Levant is a more modestly priced stair lift for the budget-conscious.

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Elite Elevators supra

The Supra is the culmination of decades of platform lift experience. Reflecting the seventh generation of the ThyssenKrupp platform lift, Supra platform lift offers world-class design, the latest safety features.

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What to Expect

Any surrounding furnishings will be noted and protected wherever possible.

Equipment will be tested and product usage demonstrations provided to ensure a clear understanding of all features and operation.

Any area affected by the installation will be cleaned, debris and packaging removed, and your home returned to you in good condition.

ThyssenKrupp Access-certified professionals will survey your home, talk to you about your particular needs, and determine the best location for the equipment to be installed.

Your accessibility equipment will be installed quickly and professionally by ThyssenKrupp-trained technicians, and with as minimal interruption to your life as possible.


Imported products from italy

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With the newly launched Elegance cabin from ThyssenKrupp. We’ve taken designing to a whole new level. The Elegance cabins not only blend with your interior but give your home a royal look that you’ve always dreamt about. The vast variety of designs in this segment ensures that we can easily cater to your need.

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Advanced technology, reliable, affordable and low cost for maintenance and operation.

No need for lubrication.

Comfortable and Soft operation. Rapid response to commands.

You’ll realize the actual meaning of ‘pin drop silence’ when the lift is moving.

Long operation life, easy and safe functioning and high reliability.

  • Power efficiency – 100%
  • Space efficiency – 100%
  • Wide range of sizes – 100%
  • Customized solutions – 100%

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We are much more satisfied with the product and its quality and I do really want to pay tribute to combined effect of the technical skill of your Engineers installation and problem-fixing, together with the design and mechanical perfection of ThyssenKrupp’s, German engineering, not to mention your charming personality, which is customer-friendly and persuasively reassuring. WHere we would also like to appreciate their good sense and customer care and after sales service and wishing you continued success and increasing sales.

Mrs. Sudha Devi

“First of all I want to thank you for your services & appreciate the technicians you had sent here. They were very nice & efficient. They did a good job in installation of the lift & we are very happy with them. Also we are very satisfied with the lift and the installation & we appreciate your efforts in getting the job done on time.”

Mr. Asad Firdosy




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