How Home Elevators Providing Mobility Solution?

Mobility in a residence from one floor to next can be provided by any lift manufacturer where that may be by any commercial traction lift manufacturer or by any local hydraulic home elevator manufacture but the concern is how safe it is for a Private House where children and old age above 70 years people who might not be aware of modern technologies that the lift holds

Here comes TKE Home Elevator into action: TKE home elevator follows machine directive EN81, which means measuring your safety- from all parts of the lift mechanism and manufacturing. It is built as per your customization and size at TKE’s Italian warehouse and send it in completely knock down pack at the site and authorised engineers only assemble them at the site. And after complete installation the elevator is checked by TUV to certify it for safe use which includes 194 safety parameters. Whereas what other home elevator manufacturer do is that they come to site, and do all hassles of assembling and welding at your site according to your available space and dimension which includes tap-loon tapping. This is the very reason they are not complying with the machine directive codes and that is a call for accident and not safety. Besides few of the parts by local manufacturers are certified and branded. From their engineering to their complete installations at site are not tested by authorities like TUV.

Residential Elevators in Chennai

Maybe a home Elevator from any provider might help mobility from one floor to the next but after installation from Local manufactures there is usually a lots of obstacles each time, to quote some instances- Door opening issues where people are stuck inside, oil leakage at piston issues, sensor not working issues where most of the accident occurs, cable & wires related and many more. Whereas TKE Home lifts have TUV certification while completing installations and thus these kinds of issues do not arise. Alongside this, TKE introduced Error notification System (ENS) which provides any error issues notification in advance to the User and Manufacturer through state of the art IoT connectivity (Internet of things). An IoT device operates through a dedicated internet & server. And Door related issues don’t happen with TKE which is maintained by Magnetic driven control, which provides appropriate landing at all stoppage.

A mobility solution also has a part of service continuity whenever required, which is irregularly with local manufactures because of shortage of service personnel, whereas TKE’s Grease Lease Rail (GLR), Magnetic Driven Control & Error notification system helps you to use the mobility solution for your Home continuously with very minimal man driven maintenance