home elevators with excellent metal structure and advanced technologies

Homes are the best place for every individual to have a peaceful and an elegant lifestyle. No place can replace the comfort of our homes. Even without any supplements or luxuries our homes serve as the comfortable place to relax. Thus it is requisite for any house owner to make their homes so comfortable with available accessories. The other major responsibility is to provide proper and perfect access to the homes. The family members and households must be provided with easy access to any part of the home be it the rooms, the floors or any other places.

Thus the house owners were in need of excellent support to provide a comfortable movement inside the homes.This access is provided by the elevators and the lifts that easily move up and down the buildings. These elevators are designed for the home purposes and serve the customers with what they actually expect. Several ranges and excellent models are available with the leading home elevator suppliers, the Elite elevators; a Chennai based home elevator company.

One of the most safe and unbelievable comfort is the cogged belt elevators with the pulley system, the Altura home elevators. The Altura home elevators a product of cog belt elevator with gearless drive system is provided with easy and convenient movement in between the floors of the homes.

Special features of Altura home lifts

Comfort and performance:
The home lifts provided with gearless motors allows the elevators provide an ultimate travel and make it suitable for any high rise buildings and thus provides an unbelievable comfort and performance to the customers.
Vibration free travel:
The structure with double offset helix design provides a vibration free and noise free movement. Thus the elevators are operated and moved using the efficient motors and thus moves with pin drop silence exactly.The home elevator model, the Altura is certified by SIL 3 certification. This allows the customers realize that these elevator models are so advanced when compared to the other models of home elevators. The other elevator models do not even match the current standards and the current trend. And thus make it the winner and the top most model in the market of home lifts.
Maintenance of the elevators:
This home elevator provides convenience in all aspects right from the installation. Altura needs just 125 mm pit that is very less space for installation. This model is designed with glass or metal model on all the four sides for elegant structure. The installation does not require a column, a beam or even a supporting structure and thus can be easily installed indoors or outdoors. The maintenance of the elevators is made easier without oil or lubrication with gentle and easy start and stop.Choosing the advanced home elevator model is now made possible with Altura home lifts