Elevators are investments and they are not appliances that have short life. Elevators are investments that are meant to serve a longer period of life, even more than an automobile. Home Elevators especially have a greater impact in the real estate market now as provisions of such increase the value of the real estate. Thus, the longevity of elevators is purely based on the modernistic technologies embedded within the system of the elevators.We at TKE – Elite Elevators have found that 1 in 4 elevator requirements that we cater to are replacements. The very reason why is that most companies in India embrace primitive technologies and the parts used are of very low quality. Extreme discomfort while traversing, noise issues, uneven landing, turbulence and constant breakdowns are the common complaints of these local elevators. TKE overcomes these with advanced German Engineering, European Safety Standards and unique patented technologies.Elevators require civil modifications in such a way that the entire lift is accommodated within the structure. Conventional home elevators require constant maintenance because of these civil modifications.

Generic civil modifications are Pit, Machine Room and Headroom. With developments in the technology, they space requirements of these civil modifications should be less. This would in turn increase the value of the Lift and also encourage the remodeling of the entire house or civil structure around the Lift. This has been possible with TKE’s Engineering and it is one of the very few companies to embrace it.Maintenance is another feature that is looked into when investing in an elevator. The number of moving parts that are in the lift should be reduced by integrating the latest trends. One such part is the Guide Rail. The guide rail is a mechanical structure that moves the cabin of the lift along the shaft. This Guide Rail is constantly maintained with fluids that in turn lead to a lot of maintenance situations. Solutions should be similar to TKE’s Greaseless Rails Technology (GLR) which does not require any sort of fluids for the cabin to move across the shaft. Similarly, the travel in a lift, even though being short, should be delivering a smooth ride unlike conventional elevators and local elevators.

Elite Elevators from TKE Home Accesss provide EGSSS (Extra Gentle Smooth Start Stop) which provides zero jerk during the travel. Emergency features should be multifold such as having backups to backups. While Commercial Elevators and Local Manufacturers are working on basic amenities, TKE home elevators have developed Advanced Error Notification Systems (AENS) and Magnetic Button Controls to make sure the lift’s error log and response to that are catered in the most efficient ways possible.

Most importantly, elevators should comply to highest standards of safety so that investments that have a life time of 40 – 50 years are invested upon with utmost trust. Unfortunately, there are no standards for Home Elevators in India but, TKE Home Elevators are certified by TUV, Europe’s Most prestigious third-party safety certification organization, European Machine Directive Standards and most importantly it is SIL -3 certified. So, to have a perspective, SIL-4 is provided for nuclear power plants and Bullet Trains. These modernizations are much recommended to look into before investing in a home Elevator