Home lifts in India play a major role in providing a comfortable stay for the residents. Elevator at home is no longer an option but a requisite in order to have a cosy lifestyle. The main things to check in existing lifts in multi-storey housing can be broken down to the following few points. They are:

Keeping your lift up to standard: Before modern lift regulations, lift design was a matter for architects, building design approval and customer requirement. But now the regulations are present but they are not strong. It is the building owner’s duty to ensure that the lift is certified by a Third-Party organization and an authentic lift service provider is appointed to manage the lift’s maintenance and to help highlight any new requirements of the latest standards. The easiest way to ensure a hassle-free lift maintenance is to go for a renowned lift brand

Safety: The main thing which people who choose or install a low-quality lift in their building in the past is because, most of them where not completely educated about the safety part of the lift. Passenger lifts are meant to transport lives! Thus, the safety of the passengers has to be ensured at all time of lift operation. Most of the old elevators in existing multi-storey buildings doesn’t even have an ARD (automatic rescue devices). There are lift manufacturers which has provided ARD systems which will work even if the power is cut off! New advanced systems are available with German lift brands where they can incorporate the Fire alarm system with the lift. Customers can even customize their lift with a fire door also. As mentioned before third-party certifications are mandatory when looking at safety features. With the facts presented, the only company in India that satiates those needs is TKE Home Elevators.

Lift lifespan: Lift equipment has a life cycle that can be extended by refurbishment of parts and modernization of aesthetics but eventually, the most economical solution will be complete removal and replacement. Safety for lift users, most of the lift engineers is always skewed towards any decision made to replace existing lift equipment. The first step for a replacement is to find a lift company & check whether a new lift can fit into the existing shaft and to get in touch with their person to get an advice on the most suitable size and specification. For existing buildings, it is always better to go for lift companies who can manufacture a lift in custom sizes as in most cases the existing shaft cannot accommodate new lift sizes. It is also advisable to get the shaft (like the metal & glass fabricated ones) from the lift manufacturer so that the replacement process will be done with less civil & engineering works. It will also help to finish the installation process with less time.

Careful Civil Modifications: There is a chance that builders or architects might consider placing a lift without proper vision into the structure of the building. Damage to lintels or beams might cause serious structural issues to the building. Precise modifications should be made based on Load Distribution. Based on our knowledge, we have found that the ignorance of Water supply pipes and Electrical supplies is often overlooked. Consult expert engineers from prominent brands and the Civil Engineer must work together to come up with an efficient solution

Multi Storey Buildings have certain complications that have to be overcome with careful consultations. TKE’s Elite elevators offers solutions to solve issues on multiple levels owing to their 200year expertise in the field. To conclude, experience yields the wisest choice.