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Who We Are?

Elite Elevators is the number one authentic Hydraulic Lifts company in India. Established in 2013, we have close to a decade’s worth of expertise under our belt. At present, we are headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and serve pan-India.

What are Hydraulic Lifts? Hydraulic Lifts are mobility solutions that comply with certain standards to qualify for residential use.

Elite Elevators brings to you world-class Hydraulic Lifts in association with TK Access Solutions. Engineered in ISO 9001:2015 (QMS) Standard – Germany and built in Italy, our Hydraulic Lifts are perfect for residences of any kind. Our Hydraulic Lifts are a style quotient and will surely make you the talk of the town with their sheer technological brilliance.

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We Are the Best Hydraulic Lifts Company in Namchi

Elite Elevators is the leading certified provider of Hydraulic Lifts and platform lifts in India

Why Our Elevators Are Simply the Best

Elite Elevators is a Hydraulic Lifts Company in Namchi. We offer Hydraulic Lifts, residential elevators, stairlifts, platform lifts, cog belt home elevators, gearless Home Lifts, and hydraulic home elevators for modest houses, villas, bungalows, buildings, and luxury residences across the country.

In a short period of time, Elite Elevators has become the leading Hydraulic Lifts company in India. Our Hydraulic Lifts are built by TK Home Solutions Srl at their Pisa, Italy factory according to the strictest European specifications.

Elite Elevators offers Hydraulic Lifts that can be put in properties that are now undergoing development or within an existing residence

Our elevators are custom-made, shaftless, and require no machine room or shaft. Unlike standard commercial lifts in India, our lifts are designed exclusively for residential applications, such as duplexes, bungalows, residential complexes, and villas.

TUV certifies our Hydraulic Lifts after installation. This independent organisation evaluates the product’s compliance with European safety requirements and ensures your peace of mind.

TÜV SÜD ISO 9001:2015 (QMS) Standard

Elite Elevators offers TÜV SÜD ISO 9001:2015 (QMS) Standard directly from TK Home Solutions Srl, Italy. We have partnered with TK Access Solutions to provide high-end elevators across India. Elite Elevators offers the best lift solutions for your existing home without a pit or headroom requirement.

TK Access Solutions Ltd. is one of the world’s leading suppliers of stairlifts, Hydraulic Lifts and platform lifts. Founded in 1967, they supply public and private mobility solutions exclusively through a network of authorised partners across the globe. Since 1999, they have been part of one of the world’s leading elevator companies, TK Elevator.

TK Elevator is one of the world’s leading elevator companies. With customers in over 100 countries served by more than 50,000 employees, TK Elevator achieved sales of around €8 billion in 2020-2021. With over 1,000 locations worldwide, they have an extensive network that guarantees closeness to customers.

Elite Elevators, powered by K Ramanathan & Co, is the business partner of the Hydraulic Lifts supplied by TK Access Solutions in India. In just 7 years, our lifts have been installed in over 50 cities across India.



Certified by

Safety at it’s Best

A brand-new home lift from the house of Elite Elevators, the X300 home lift is made exclusively in India for Indians. Engineered to be two times faster with the largest cabin space, it is the ultimate home lift.

Gearless home elevators are based on permanent magnet technology with high efficiency. They have high torque performance, which completely eliminates the need for a gearbox.

In partnership with TK Access Solutions, Elite Elevators introduces you to the world’s best hydraulic home elevators in the market. Our exquisite Home Lifts define the epitome of comfort and luxury.


The Smart Home Lifts in  Pages

The X300 is powered by top-notch and exclusive features, giving you a great bang for your buck. It seamlessly combines affordability with luxury to deliver a home lift experience better than the best.

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The Gearless Home Lifts in  Pages

Operating with a patented cogbelt technology and a rivetless shaft, the E 300 home lift is at least 7 years ahead of other home elevators globally.

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The Hydraulic Home Lifts in  Pages

In 2021, we proudly launched our most versatile home elevator to the Indian market, the E 200. This home lift is driven by tried-and-tested Italian hydraulic technology.

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Our stairlift technology choices ensure convenient travel up and down the staircase with ease. Stairlifts and platform lifts are installed directly onto your stairs in only a few hours. The lift then carries you smoothly and quickly up almost any type of staircase.

E 50

Stairlifts for Home in  Pages

Designed for seamless movement, the E 50 stairlift provides outstanding levels of comfort, confidence and craftsmanship. The E 50 stairlift is designed to fit on very narrow staircases and is one of the world’s most space-conscious stairlifts.

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Supra Chair lifts  in  Pages

The Supra and RPSP platform lifts culminate decades of platform lift experience, research and development. The seventh generation of the TK Access Solutions platform lifts, the Supra and RPSP offer world-class design and the latest safety features.

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Why Elite Elevators Are Trusted Across the Country

  • While installing our Hydraulic Lifts, any surrounding items will be documented and, if feasible, protected.
  • Equipment will be tested, and product usage demos will be performed, so that all features and operations can be well understood by you.
  • Any area affected by the installation will be cleaned, rubbish and packing will be removed, and your residence will be returned in pristine condition.
  • The manufacturer-certified technicians at Elite Elevators will survey your property, discuss your demands, and decide the optimal spot to install the equipment.
  • Technicians trained by the manufacturer will install the elevator equipment promptly, professionally, and with the least disruption to your daily routine.
Benefits Of Our Hydraulic Lifts

Advanced technology lifts for HomeAdvanced technology

Affordability elevators for Home Affordability

Compact house elevatorsSoft and comfortable operation. Rapid responsiveness to instructions

Lubrication-Free Home ElevatorNot requiring lubrication

Dependable Home Lift for Seamless Mobility Dependability

Low maintenance home elevators by Elite Elevators Low maintenance

Cost-efficient home elevator operation Operation costs

Zero-noise home elevator systemZero-silence moves

Features of a long-lasting and secure home elevator systemLong service life, simple and secure operation, and great dependability


Experience Center

We have an experience center located at the heart of Namchi at Adyar. Here, you can test our Hydraulic Lifts before you make a purchase. Come and experience the wonder for yourself.

prompt customer service Prompt Customer Service

Our customer satisfaction team understands that top-quality service is of utmost importance. We have a dedicated team to handle your requests swiftly and effectively.


Safety Aspect of Home ElevatorSafety Aspect

Using a home elevator requires a leap of faith in terms of safety. But with us, there is no need to take a chance on your safety. All our Hydraulic Lifts are equipped with 7 safety and emergency modes. These features have been incorporated based on European law since they are made and sold in Europe too.

To top this off, our Hydraulic Lifts are also certified safe by these third-party organisations:

ISO 9001:2015 (QMS) StandardTUV SUD – Germany

Safety Integrity Level (SIL) of Home liftsSafety Integrity Level (SIL) 3

MD 2006 42 EC – European Union of Home ElevatorMD 2006 42 EC – European Union

BS EN 81-41 2010 – European Union of Home ElevatorBS EN 81-41 2010 – European Union

Customisable Size

No two homes are the same and our Hydraulic Lifts echo this sentiment. Our technical team takes into consideration the available space in your home to suggest the perfect size your Hydraulic Lifts must be made in. Our partner’s factory in Pisa, Italy then manufactures your Hydraulic Lifts. We offer small lifts for homes and other sizes depending on your home’s needs.

Two Best-in-Class Technologies

Our Hydraulic Lifts come in two operating drive options. The first is the E200 which operates on the hydraulic drive system. These hydraulic Hydraulic Lifts are client favourites. The second is the E300 which operates on our patented gearless CogBelt drive system. This model is at least 7 years ahead in terms of technology and innovation when compared to other Hydraulic Lifts.


We’ve taken design to a whole new level with the newly launched Elegance cabin from TK Access Solutions. The new Elegance cabin not only blends with your interior but gives your home a royal look that you’ve always dreamt about. In addition, the wide variety of designs in this segment ensures that we can easily cater to your needs.

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Our Home Lifts are a perfect match for your dream home. From patented mechanisms, interior customisations and prompt service, we make the home elevator experience quite spectacular for you. Find all the information on our products via our brochure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I consider installing a Hydraulic Lifts in Namchi?

Installing a Hydraulic Lifts in Namchi can enhance the convenience, accessibility, and value of your home. It is especially beneficial for elderly or disabled individuals, as it makes navigating between floors easier and safer.

What types of Hydraulic Lifts are available in Namchi?

In Namchi, homeowners have access to a wide variety of home lifts that cater to different needs and preferences. Elite Elevators, a leading provider of home elevators, offers several types of home lifts designed to enhance convenience, safety, and aesthetics. Here’s an overview of the types of home lifts available:

  • Hydraulic Home Lifts
  • Cogbelt Home Lifts
  • Stairlifts

How much does a Hydraulic Lifts cost in Namchi?

The cost of a Hydraulic Lifts in Namchi varies based on the type and model you choose. Here is a general price range for different models:

  • Cogbelt Home Lifts E300: ₹ 26,80,835 – ₹ 64,67,478
  • Hydraulic Home Lifts E200: ₹ 26,80,835 – ₹ 54,68,314
  • Stairlifts E50: ₹ 13,41,180 – ₹ 34,34,710

What factors affect the cost of Hydraulic Lifts in Namchi?

Several factors can affect the cost of a Hydraulic Lifts in Namchi, including:

  • Type of lift (Hydraulic, Cogbelt, Stairlift)
  • Number of floors it needs to serve
  • Customisations and features
  • Installation complexity
  • Maintenance and service packages

How long does it take to install a Hydraulic Lifts in Namchi?

The installation time for a Hydraulic Lifts can vary depending on the type of lift and the specific requirements of your home. On average, it can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

Why should I choose Elite Elevators for my Hydraulic Lifts in Namchi?

Elite Elevators is a reputable provider of Hydraulic Lifts, known for their high-quality products and exceptional customer service. They offer a range of home lift models with advanced safety features and customisation options to meet the unique needs of their customers in Namchi.

Are there any financing options available for purchasing a Hydraulic Lifts in Namchi?

Yes, Elite Elevators offers flexible financing options to make it easier for you to install a Hydraulic Lifts. Please reach out to our sales team to discuss the available financing plans.

How can I get a quote for a Hydraulic Lifts in Namchi?

To get a quote for a Hydraulic Lifts in Namchi, you can contact Elite Elevators directly through their website or customer service. Provide details about your home and specific requirements, and they will offer a customised quote based on your needs.


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