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flow ii

Details about Flow II Elevator Models

When mobility is an issue, a curved stairway may seem daunting, but the Flow II makes freedom easy and luxurious. Elegant and thoughtful design, plus an array of features, allows the Flow II to access virtually any floor of a home with style then fold-away safely and compactly. With the ability to safely traverse even the most winding stairways, it’s easy to see why the Flow II is one of the most talked-about stair lifts in the industry.


flowII stair lifts


  • Sleek, elegant design
  • Smooth, powerful operation
  • Engineered to automatically swivel and level on the way
  • Customizable fabrics to complement furnishings
  • Self-charging with standard home power supply
  • Thoughtful details, such as light-touch swivels to easily access stair landings
flowII stair lifts
flowII stair lifts


  • 125 kg capacity
  • 340 mm folded depth
  • Automatic power swivel seat
  • Adjustable seat heights
flowII stair lifts

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flowII stair lifts
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