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Details about Vacuum Elevator Models

The revolutionary technology of the vacuum elevator has changed the way people and goods are being transported vertically within their homes, and furthermore, has done so in an environmental friendly manner. Rather than using cables or pistons, the unique residential elevator is powered by the most abundant resources in the world ‘AIR’

The Pneumatic Vacuum technology is the latest in vertical travel. This Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator is a premium product for indoor use in up market Bungalows and Penthouses for Ground plus One or Two levels operation with vertical travel of 7 Meters, 3 stops and load capacity of 150 Kgs or 2 persons. The Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator is retrofit and does not require any pit, shaft or machine room and operates on single phase (230V).The P V Elevator is a modern concept with elegant design style and fool-proof safety features, providing unmatched performance and luxury. There is a wide range of colors to choose from to match to the interiors.



Vacuum Elevators

  • Villas (new and existing)
  • Shops with Mezzanine Floor
  • Duplex Apartments
  • Showrooms
  • Small offices with upper office floor
  • Zero energy consumption during descent
  • Installation completion within a week’s Time
  • Virtually no maintenance cost nor any lubrication required
flowII stair lifts
flowII stair lifts


How it Works !

The Vacuum Elevator combines a smooth vertical cylinder with a coaxial car that moves up and down through air suction. The principle operation of the elevator is based on the ascending push generated by the difference between the atmospheric pressure on the top of the car and the atmospheric pressure under the car. The depression (vacuum) required to lift the car is achieved by turbines operating as exhaust fans which are located at the top of the elevator.

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The Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator consists of three main parts:

EXTERIOR CYLINDER: The cylinder is a transparent self-supporting tube, built around a specially designed aluminum structure. The tube walls are made of curved polycarbonate sheets. The tube consists of modular sections, which easily can fit into one another. The roof of the tube, made of steel, ensures air tight closures with suction valves and inlets.

flowII stair lifts
flowII stair lifts



ELEVATOR CAR: The car runs inside the cylinder on rails/columns, which are part of the same self supporting structure of the cylinder. The walls of the car are made of transparent polycarbonate panels. The car is also equipped with an anchoring system that activates on reaching the indicated floor, provides precise but smooth stops, and locks the car mechanically.


SUCTION ASSEMBLY: or “Head Unit” is on the top of the tube/cylinder, where the turbines, the valves, and the controls are located. The control cabinet is a metal box housing with a PVE controller board and other electric devices. The head unit is built and placed on either the same tube that holds the car (standard), or separately (split unit) at distances of up to 30 linear feet (10m) from the lift. The frame of the suction assembly is made out of either fiber glass or steel depending upon the model.

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  • The piston gear surrounded by a sliding air tight seal allows an almost frictionless movement and hoists the car due to the pneumatic depression generated on the upper part.
  • A valve regulating inflow of air controls the pneumatic depression, enables descent and controls the speed of the car.
  • The lower part of the shaft is open to ensure free entrance of air at atmospheric pressure.
  • At each floor or level, perimeter seals on the door are self-sealing due to the action of the atmospheric pressure.
  • The car has locking devices to stop at the upper and lower limits of travel.
  • A safe braking device (chute) activates in case of free fall.
flowII stair lifts
flowII stair lifts


Features and Advantages

  • No pit excavation required, it is fully Self-supporting structure.
  • No Machine Room required, it will be fitted within the existing roof itself.
  • No Hoist required, it is World’s first pneumatic vacuum elevator.
  • Zero energy consumption during descent.
  • Lift can be relocated anytime and anywhere if required.
  • Installation completion within a weak Time.
  • No Power Back up Required ( Lift will automatically come down to the Ground Floor and Open the Door during power failure). No assistance required.
  • Automatic interior LED lighting and fan.
  • Virtually no maintenance cost nor any lubrication required.
  • Automatic Mechanical emergency safety brake system
  • Starting and stopping operations are extremely smooth
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360° degree

Panorama view Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator

Fully transparent and panoramic view without cables or pistons that block vision. Eco-Friendly Elevator: No energy used during descent: gravity is used instead.


Colors: Standard Dark Gray, Light Gray, and White. Phone inside the cabin. Cabin Key Lock. Earthquake Brackets.

  1. Atmospheric pressure zone
  2. Seal on cabin
  3. Low pressure zone
  4. Vacuum pumps
flowII stair lifts