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Details about Orion Elevator Models

The first model in our hydraulic home lift section is Orion. In this model you provide us with one side wall support to mount our guide rails & on the other three sides you’ve the freedom to go for glass or metallic structure suitable to your home décor. We provide you with wide range of customizable cabins which could be glass structure too so you get a complete panoramic view while travelling.

The cabin size again is customizable & can be installed in almost any given space. These hydraulic lifts are pitless, machine room less & run on just single phase power supply. Such is its magnificence, that it can match with every interior enhancing the looks of your residence & its versatility allows you entrance from all three sides.

If you’re looking for a residential elevator which moulds within your home, magnifying its attractiveness along with providing you and your family complete safety & joyful ride, Orion is the best fit for you.

Orion is a hydraulic lift that is suitable for a wide range of homes. In this model, you give us 1 side wall that can either be a 9’ brick wall or, 5’ concrete wall, & we would mount our guide rails and mechanisms on the wall and on other sides you have freedom, going for Glass or metal structure. In this case, we can provide you complete Glass cabin (the chamber in which you travel) too, so that you can have panoramic view while moving from one floor to another.

The cabin size can be customized to specific measurements and features a range of different materials for side walls, floor and ceiling. Plus, the versatility of this lift allows people to enter from three different sides. It comes with space usage efficiency & can deliver higher useful area is the narrowest floor space available. Orion has low energy consumption comparable to a household appliance by using the normal 230V single phase supply.

Precision Matters

TK Access Solutions brings together everything you’re looking for in one brilliantly designed Home Elevator. Refined, comfortable and reliable are the three words that truly define the quality of German engineering offered by TK Access Solutions.

The Orion requires very little space and because there is no header and need of a separate machine room, it requires no particular architectural changes apart from a 100mm deep pit. The Orion complies with the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and it also complies with the European Norm EN81-41.

Design that turns an abundance of bold details into a whole new look and provides generous space and many ways for you to tailor its Style to fit your needs and lifestyle.


orion hydraulic elevator


Simple technology

  • No need for lubrication
  • Innovative power failure system
  • Energy efficient system
  • Efficient utilization of available space
  • Error Notification system
  • Possibility of individual configuration
  • Wide range of finishes and sizes
  • Low cost for maintenance and operation
orion hydraulic elevator
orion hydraulic elevator



  • Energy efficient
  • Hydraulic functionality
  • Max 100 mm pit required
  • Simple design and usability
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Soft Start & Stop
orion hydraulic elevator


Innovation for people

At TK Access Solutions, we continuously innovate in order to make your life better. Every elevation, every technology and every design is the result of a clear vision – your requirement is paramount in everything we do.

We’ve been redefining the concept of elevator for years. Now we’ve arrived in India – presenting the new range of Home Elevators. The point at which all experiences meets new generation of elegantly versatile elevators with safety parameters wherein kids can walk and play and do whatever they feel like and you don’t have to think about their safety.

orion hydraulic elevator
orion hydraulic elevator


We value your imagination

Style is a matter of details. With Orion you can satisfy your inspiration and your imagination by choosing from a selection of car layouts, finishes, colors and options. The lift’s equipment is designed to give you the utmost freedom to customize your elevator, right down to the smallest detail. TK Access Solutions offers wide range of cabin and floor finishes.

orion hydraulic elevator


Spectacular Engineering

Excellence is a prerequisite for delivering the maximum possible benefit to our customers, in the products we deliver. This hydraulic elevator is the most compact elevator. It can be installed in as less as 720×800 (MM) space. The Orion comes with the Guide, door and elevator mechanism and it requires a shaft or a single side wall to get the lift moving at your place. If you desire to have glass walls or RCC walls around the elevator that can also be done.

orion hydraulic elevator
orion hydraulic elevator


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A Promise to safeguard your loved ones!

Home lifts from TK Access Solutions comply with European codes of safety Machine Directive 2006/42/EC and EN 81-41. These standard deals with all significant hazards relevant to lifting platforms, when they are used as intended and under the conditions foreseen by the manufacturer. The objective behind following such safety norms is to ensure the safety of the life of the user and the manufacturer.

SSS (Soft Start & Stop)

A commitment of precise Engineering and Technology TK Access Solutions Elevators comes equipped with the SSS(Soft Start & Stop) With the help of an additional motor with its job to only control the flow of OIL, We deliver an outstanding ride quality in Hydraulic systems. The ride experience in this lift will be absolutely feather touch and silent.

GLR Technology

Technological revolution has always been the Key of TK Access Solutions. The patented GLR (Grease Less Rails) technology keep the rails clean by keeping away the accumulation of dust. The rails are not coated with oil or grease.

TK Access Solutions has taken on a pioneering role in this regard and has its own tribological department to deal with the topic of “cost reduction through freedom from maintenance”, also more stringent requirements regarding equipment safety and durability, not least of all, product quality as the reasons for the greater use of self-lubricating materials.

Magnetic Driven controls

Being said that world’s fastest magnetic train in China was produced by TK Access Solutions, We find magnets to be highly reliable when it comes to controls. All TK Access Solutions Home Elevators use magnetic controls replacing tradition switches and relays making the elevator highly stable and safe. The concept of magnetic levitation ensured that even when the power goes off the elevator will hold its place.

Happy Customer’s Testimonials

“Look I am a builder and I always wanted to have TK Access Solutions in my projects, but you guys are expensive. However, when it comes to my house, I always want to have the best.”

Mr. Rakesh Suri

“First of all I want to thank you for your services & appreciate the technicians you had sent here. They were very nice & efficient. They did a good job in installation of the lift & we are very happy with them. Also we are very satisfied with the lift and the installation. & we appreciate your efforts in getting the job done on time.”

Mr. Asad Firdosy

We are much more satisfied with the product and its quality and I do really want to pay tribute to combined effect of the technical skill of your Engineers installation and problem-fixing, together with the design and mechanical perfection of TK Access Solutions, German engineering, not to mention your charming personality, which is customer-friendly and persuasively reassuring. WHere we would also like to appreciate their good sense and customer care and after sales service and wishing you continued success and increasing sales.

Mrs. Reena mukherjee

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