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Details about Gulliver Elevator Models

Gulliver is a hydraulic vertical platform lift that is suitable for a wide range of home and public buildings, including indoor and outdoor use. The platform lift is very versatile, offering 71 standard platform sizes and a rise of up to 15 meters. It can also be accessed from three sides, features an adaptable design and has many colors and door models to choose from. The closed shaft makes users feel safe, as does smooth running of the hydraulic drive. Gulliver is frequently installed in stairwells. It also offers numerous benefits for outdoor use: the drive module does not have to be in the immediate vicinity of the system, but can be installed in the building, reducing operating costs.



One-Click Order to

  • Speed up the order process.
  • Reduce the configuration time on the DOP
  • Be sure about the machine features and dimensions, without minding the specific application.
  • Avoid any possible necessary skill to register.



  • Motor: 230 V single-phase, 50 Hz
  • Up to five stops (optional)
  • Power supply: 230  10% V single-phase, 50 Hz


Customized solutions

  • To reduce any problem related to the current configurations complexity
  • To be immediately sure about layout feasibilities and options compatibility
  • To have the possibility of make an offer in few seconds
  • To have the possibility of easily explain the machine features


Zero CAD days means

  • Our Sales representative can close the order during the first visit.
  • That any minutes spent to wait approvals are saved.
  • That no particular surprise will be discovered when the order has been already placed.
  • That our vertical platform lifts will be easier to manage in the back-office phase.


Standard configurations since

  • Few plan sizes can easily cover most of the common plan sizes ordered.
  • Travel and doors already set can reduce the machine overall price.
  • A wider choice can generate confusion for some kind of Customers.


Competitive price because:

  • An easier order management means a cost reduction in terms of resources and time.
  • Standard configurations allow to focus on possible cost Savings.
  • Sales strategies can be based on less and clearer.



  • Simple technology
  • Space efficiency
  • Power efficiency
  • Wide range of sizes and finishes
  • Full range of customization options