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Details about Gulliver Home Elevator Models

Gulliver is where we’ve identified your needs & provided you with an apt solution. This home lift takes technology to next level altogether. Here you needn’t worry if you don’t have one side wall support or sufficient space within your residence; as this residential home elevator comes with its own metallic structure. This structure is made of galvanized steel, making it sturdy & completely weather resistant. It can be installed inside as well as outside your home requiring minimum space, is pit less, doesn’t need a machine room & runs on single phase power supply.

This metallic shaft has glass on all four sides & encloses the cabin. The wide variety of shaft colors & cabin designs are just so you can select the perfect combo of your residential lift. This home elevator is a result of years of research & development done at TK Access Solutions manufacturing unit in Italy & hence ensures you 100% safety & comfort.

However, it’s not just safety & comfort Gulliver is known for. With its unrivalled design & technology it enhances the overall value of your property. In short, Gulliver is hallmark of luxury.

Gulliver elevator comes with our own metal structure which is built with galvanized steel and it’s covered with glass on all 4 sides. Gulliver lift is as described by a shaft constructed with glass panels and powdered metal structure, which allows installation without the need for a walled shaft/ sidewall/ column or beam. The lift is hydraulic and the quietest in the market. This elegant lift can be placed directly on existing floors and can be installed internally and externally. It can be installed with telescopic doors in painted desired RAL shade shaft, painted in the same arena where the Italian Scooter Vespa is being painted.

Gulliver is more than just a hallmark of luxury, it tells you that the home elevator which pioneered its segment is even more advanced with industry-leading breakthroughs in safety standards and comfort. Gulliver lift is the result of many years of technical research and development, where the customer’s need for a lift characterized by high safety and comfort has always been the overall goal. This safety and comfort are made possible by the combination of glass and metal structures that characterize the lifts from head to toe.

However, it is not only comfort and safety that characterize a Gulliver lift. The Gulliver lift is characterized by an exclusive design that is quite groundbreaking for a lift, which materials clearly bear in mind.

Confident accessibility around your home

As one of the world’s leading Elevator Company TK Access Solutions try to achieve the highest standards. This is our promise of engineering tomorrow together. This Hydraulic elevator is designed in Italy and developed in Germany, this generation of TK Access Solutions home lift can be tailor-made for every requirement.

A focus on safety!

Let’s make some family memories today. With TK Access Solutions one thing you’ll never leave behind is peace of mind. Our elevators are equipped with an array of active safety features mentioned under Machine Directive 2006 42 EC and EN 81-41 to help you avoid trouble. It Magnetic Driven Control and Soft Start and Stop make every ride safe and comfortable.

 Benefits of home lifts

gulliver hydraulic elevator


Key Features of Home Lifts

  • No Pit (100mm or 4 Inch Step)
  • No Machine Room
  • No Side wall required
  • Single Phase
  • Tailor Made
  • Follows 194 parameters of Safety
gulliver hydraulic elevator
gulliver hydraulic elevator



  • Motor: 230 V single-phase, 50 Hz
  • Up to five stops (optional)
  • Power supply: 230  10% V single-phase, 50 Hz
  • Trap door
gulliver hydraulic elevator


Customized solutions

  • Simple Hydraulic technology
  • No Oil replacement (10 Years)
  • Greaseless rails
  • Power efficient
  • Wide range of sizes and finishes
  • Full range of customization options
  • Assurance of TUV certification post installation.
gulliver hydraulic elevator
gulliver hydraulic elevator


Zero power while descend

Gulliver does not require power while it descend, adding no burden on your utility bills. In case of power failure you can be assured that your lift will come to the lower floor and the doors will open. The power pack mechanism working behind the lift comes with 2 batteries smaller than a bike battery, yet powerful enough to ensure safe emergency landing in case of power failure.   

gulliver hydraulic elevator


Possible to access all sides

Making your home more comfortable, welcoming and eco-sustainable today is possible with Gulliver elevator.

Functional, compact, stylish: comfort has a new dimension as small as 730 by 1150 (MM).

This elevator is designed to be inserted in any context because each elevator is custom designed and built with flexibility of giving you the options to have multiple access on adjacent or opposite sides.

gulliver hydraulic elevator
gulliver hydraulic elevator


TUV Certification

TUV(Technical Inspection Association) SUD is a world leader in testing and product certification. It is a 150 year old European auditing and certification body that ensures machines manufactured comply with directives of quality and safety. TUV has high professional credibility in the certification industry. Having your product TUV certificated means that there is a strong guarantee that your product is safe, hence customer with strict safety requirements will prefer buying your product.

gulliver hydraulic elevator


Be Spoke Designs

Every Gulliver comes with unique premium cabin designs to add aesthetic appeal to your building. Our designers not only pursues the beauty of appearance but also analyzes market trend to establish piercing strategy and develop creative design. TK Access Solutions home lifts are managed by design-driven strategies, is leading the elevator business by valuing differentiated design.

gulliver hydraulic elevator

SSS (Soft Start & Stop)

We are the first company to have an additional motor to control the flow of oil by resulting in a very soft start and stop. A commitment of precise Engineering and Technology TK Access Solutions Elevators comes equipped with the SSS (Soft Start & Stop) with the help of an additional motor, with its job to only control the flow of OIL. We deliver an outstanding ride quality in Hydraulic systems. The ride experience in this lift will be absolutely feather touch and silent.

GLR Technology

Technological revolution has always been the Key of TK Access Solutions. The patented GLR (Grease Less Rails) technology keep the rails clean by keeping away the accumulation of dust. The rails are not coated with oil or grease.

TK Access Solutions has taken on a pioneering role in this regard and has its own tribological department to deal with the topic of “cost reduction through freedom from maintenance”, also more stringent requirements regarding equipment safety and durability, not least of all, product quality as the reasons for the greater use of self-lubricating materials.

Magnetic Driven controls

Being said that world’s fastest magnetic train in China was produced by TK Access Solutions, we find magnets to be highly reliable when it comes to controls. All TK Access Solutions Home Elevators use magnetic controls replacing tradition switches and relays making the elevator highly stable and safe. The concept of magnetic levitation ensured that even when the power goes off the elevator will hold its place.


All errors and problem are noted by the computerized processor that would shoot up errors even before it’s noticed by the end users. This system keeps monitoring the functionality of the elevator 24*7 and sends indications way ahead, an elevator stops working or needs service. This system in TK Access Solutions Home elevator keeps the customers always at ease.

Happy Customer’s Testimonials

“Look I am a builder and I always wanted to have TK Access Solutions in my projects, but you guys are expensive. However, when it comes to my house, I always want to have the best.”

Mr. Rakesh Suri

“First of all I want to thank you for your services & appreciate the technicians you had sent here. They were very nice & efficient. They did a good job in installation of the lift & we are very happy with them. Also we are very satisfied with the lift and the installation. & we appreciate your efforts in getting the job done on time.”

Mr. Asad Firdosy

We are much more satisfied with the product and its quality and I do really want to pay tribute to combined effect of the technical skill of your Engineers installation and problem-fixing, together with the design and mechanical perfection of TK Access Solutions, German engineering, not to mention your charming personality, which is customer-friendly and persuasively reassuring. WHere we would also like to appreciate their good sense and customer care and after sales service and wishing you continued success and increasing sales.

Mrs. Reena mukherjee

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