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HE7 Home Lifts

Details about HE7 Home Elevator Models

Our new generation home elevators series HE7 is specifically designed for personal/residential use. With its path breaking technology & new added features, this model takes gearless mechanism to another level altogether. With some recently added designs this home lift ensures that it holds something in its kitty for every residence. This home lift acts as extended part of your family & makes every ride convenient & smooth. Again no pit, no headroom & single phase operation makes it the market champion.

Home Elevators the new generation of lifts specifically designed for private areas. A Home Elevator makes you feel at home every ride is a relaxing and convenient journey due to the new soft drive technology. The new Home Elevators 7Series stands for individuality and a modern lifestyle. They are a piece of art in personalized tailor-made design. The puristic style Cool combines elements of stainless steel, glass and wood. Noble the classic form with dark oak and walnut woods, stands for elegance and tradition. The Natural styles cabin wall is made of a black painted structure and wooden battens. In the Romantic style cabin floral patterns moulding.

 Benefits of Home lifts

H7 gearless home elevaor


Comfort & practicality

Thanks to the new models with automatic sliding (see page 12) or folding (as shown in the picture) doors, the automatic operation can be deployed. Thus the operation is user-friendly and similar to a traditional lift. A new easy concept for this product.

H7 gearless home elevaor
H7 gearless home elevaor



  • Motor:230 V single-phase, 50/60 Hz
  • Power supply: 230 10% V single-phase.
  • 50/60 Hz Up to 6 stops and 12 services.
H7 gearless home elevaor



  • Gearless technology
  • Premium design cabins
  • Masonry or aluminum shaft applications
  • Sliding doors and automatic operation
  • Full range of customization options
  • Wide range of sizes and finishes
H7 gearless home elevaor
H7 gearless home elevaor



TK Access Solutions can be easily installed outdoors. It requires minimal builder’s work without affecting the architectural context and integrity of the building whilst offering easy access to all floors. The all-aluminium structure can be painted and finished to complement the building and provide durability.

H7 gearless home elevaor


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H7 gearless home elevaor
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