Elite Elevator Mumbai Ace tech 2017 Customer Testimonial

Elite Elevator Mumbai Acetech 2017 Customer Testimonial

Customer Reviews:

Mr.C S Rajam( Mumbai)

Well I have been using your lift about one and a half years now. My mother is 83 years old she is been using it and I don’t have any problem and even small issues it sorted out very well. Service is also very good. I would definitely recommend anybody for this product. Thank you!

What was exactly that you are looking at and you found way off?

Mr. Amit Marfatia:

I like to go for something new and What is my requirement? And the requirement they can display me the quality and then something new with the elevator which can be used for my purpose like home elevator.

Probably What are the three best things that you found in the elevator that you choose?
One is the finish, Technology, Few is the breaks and other things which is not in the other low cost elevators, certain failures or power failures if its comes down then you will have the injuries and you know that. Really appreciate and congratulate you and welcome to the family again . Thank you!

Mr.Eshwar punjabi (Pune):

I am coming with the new bungalow over there. We contact Mr.Ishan form Elite Elevators they are very co operative of them to come down and met us there visit the site and lots of technical back up what our requirement was bcoz the whole banglow is done up. We got a lot of help from them. I am looking forward a long time association with the Elite Elevators they are amazing new lift come up over there. And really appreciate the money that as gone in to the R&D and the technology i like to come up with. Thank you very much.

Mr.Maheshwari (Kolkata):

This is a excellent product, excellent very soft touch and without any jerk, silk touch. I am so much convence. That is why I finalize the lift.

Mr.TT Ahuja (Mumbai):

I had the opportunity of the cog belt today in your exhibition showroom really it’s something extraordinary. Lift we can go upto 6 floors and that to the 1.4 power . This something not heard on in fact this power is required for control circuits not for main circuit. I wish all success for Thyssenkrupp. Thank you!