Mrs. Sabina Pillai – Sentimental value of Stair Lift – Gurgaon


Mrs.Sabina Pillai

“This chairlift has given my freedom of active living” My bedrooms are there on the first floor and movement between the ground and the first floor was maximum. So there was need to have a lift.

The customer

Mrs Shabina Pillia is one of our Elite customers from Gurgoan, she has been facing health issues in her knees. She has also gone for knee replacement and post to it she was more hesitant in climbing stairs. She was looking out for possible elevator options that would fit her requirement.

The challenge

She stays with her husband in their bungalow at Gurgoan, it’s an existing house with retro interiors and furniture. She wanted a lift that should match the decors of the house and be an extended part of her family. She had seen several lift options but she was keener on exploring the stair lifts. She had seen the stair lifts overseas but was not sure how well it could be installed on her staircases.

The solution

Engineers from ThyssenKrupp visited her house and assured her about the quick and easy installation of stair lift at her place. Her bedrooms are on the first floor and she is the only person who were to use the lift for travelling. So considering her requirement stair lift was the best option & we insisted her on that. This is when we reached a deal and the stair lift was successfully installed. She has been using the lift for quite some time now. “This chairlift has given me my freedom of active living” said Mrs Pillai. She has now so overjoyed with the quality and functionality of the product, she’s recommending it to her friends and family.