Mr. Sarthak Rastogi / Yashovardhan – Lucknow

The Trust:

Firstly, my father he loves to do something different. One of his friend Mr.Yashowardhan he recommended us this particular brand then we read about it. After reading just about it we found that it is one lift that provide safety also. The safety measures are much much better than the other competitors in India. Well Thyssenkrupp is a well known company all over the world. We were even advised that pitless lift to be very honest. And that pitless lift was only available with Thyssenkrupp. And their technology and the backup team was strong. So and it’s a German company which is a superior technology also we opted for Thyssenkrupp

The Understanding:

I do believe,like for example the hassle of having a dig(pit) like you know the pit which was not allowed as per the vaastu. Therefore we needed a lift which was pitless. So that was one of the reasons we needed lift can be put in our house within the atrium area. Where we don’t require a pit to be made. Definitely, I would say our requirement were fulfilled. Plus, the look. If you see the house it is a modern structure which is complimenting the house as well.

The Value:

I am very happy with the space you know which it has inside and the interior is fairly decent compared to other home lifts which i have seen and i think easily six people can fit in. So, I think its value for money.

The Love for Features:

One pitless, Very important all glass where certain lifts do have two way glasses but this lift has all four sides glasses and third i would say the emergency stop button is pretty nice in other lifts it’s not like that.

The Choice:

My father is 89 years old so lift has been put mainly for him so that he can move from floor to floor and he uses it on the daily basis so we feel safe you know that my father is using it for moving up and down. I was looking after certain lifts india manufacturing companies but when it came to safety I think no one can beat ThyssenKrupp.

The Advice:

People who want to buy lift where there are kids in the house and they are looking for a company I don’t want to say the name. The Benefits for the customer will be it’s safe. You can see your kids inside if some is stuck hypothetically or chance you can see them. For home users everything is about safety.

The Service:

Till now when I started speaking with you I am feeling very comfortable about this lift. You Know why? Because you need to have a personal touch with the customer when he is investing an amount, a huge amount he need to interact with the person of the company. So when you came into the picture I know if I have certain issues you will resolve it. And the proof is also that we all are sitting here today and you know you want that feedback that means that the company is working towards further improvement and you are taking feedback from customers which is probably going to help you in improving further after taking feedback so this is a very positive step.

The Recommendation:

I am already doing it. When people come to my house they do ask which lift is it we just tell them because the name is already there in written.So apart from me telling, People are asking which lift it is. Elite Elevators is a Real home lift. Peace of mind guaranteed.