Mr. Nitin Gandhi – What our customer say in Delhi

Reason of choosing us:

Main reason for the lift was super friendly. I expect some features are: warranty & some sort of support around it and the third is just the simplicity.

Things you like about us:

So definitely for anybody to have a good experience of buying a lift like this is so expensive almost two too three times expensive compare to other normal elevators. So how many times you want a local support then the local themes to be there for you because this things are complex and the installation is complex, the shaft are complex because if you are getting a glass & engines to be monitored they have to be marked out it all a very close collaboration and the other thing also be there should be a prompt service support as well like in case of damage are anything, it should be some short timeline to recover.

The value:
It talking value to what we are trying to do over here. Lots of higher officials, most experience people are coming up. So it is meant to give the encourage both our customers as well as to our property as well. That’s what we are looking for.

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