George John From Kerala

My wife and I lived out all our adult life in London. We chosen to come and live in India but this particular time. My wife suffers from a disability she suffers from Parkinson’s disease and therefore it’s a disorder of movement disorder therefore a systems in mobility becomes necessary.

The Necessity

In order to live a normal life we felt that an elevator was necessary for us and that how we came to the decision to have an elevator in the first place because when this house was built we did not have disability and elevators in mind at all so the need is what drives your actions.

High Technology

Elite elevators in particular, we felt the only person understood what we were talking about and what we wanted very happy to do business. The technology I know, TKE they are the rolls-royce of elevators. We had no difficulty making our decision what did you feel when you first used.

The Safety

There is compliance in stairs is given, if you have a mobility disorder. What we provided is excellently installed and maintained makes her feel safe. Well we really thought about it like you buy anything you need to worry about, it will be maintained and serviced and first of all we find living in Kochi.

The Satisfaction

Madras or Chennai is not a million miles away it’s probably much closer to Bangalore and other bigger cities in India. We will satisfied that the service would be good and we are very happy that we have not been disappointed that every time we’ve made one phone call we had a one phone call service so far this is the best.