This year end special offer has been made more special by getting 3 pointed benefits (●) Its thyssenkrupp’s factory year end discount ,  (●) Its Elite Elevators financial year end  & (●) Benefits of exchange rate by buying your lift in euros.

On November 2017, this Latest Invention by ThyssenKrupp was launched in INDIA by Mr. Aveek Sarkar. The Altura incorporates innovative patented cog belt technology. The Gearless drive system can offer unbelievable comfort and performance. Due to its double offset helix design, the cogged belt minimizes noise and vibrations, optimizing guidance of the belt over the pulley. With its own SIL 3 certification, Altura sets itself apart from the crowd and moves beyond the mandatory, to be the undisputed winner in the Home Lift market. Operated by a belt this home lift requires no additional oils or lubrication.

Gulliver elevator comes with our own metal structure made with galvanised steel and it’s covered with glass on all 4 sides. In this case you do not require to build any side wall, column, beam or even a supporting structure. Worth mentioning we are getting our shaft painted in the same arena where the Italian Scooter Vespa is being painted.

In this model you give us one side wall and we would mount our guide rails and mechanisms into the wall completing your elevation system, for the other sides you have freedom of going for Glass. In this case we can provide you complete Glass cabin too.

Top 5 Questions you should know – before Buying a Home Lift ?

Top 5 Questions you should know - before Buying a Home Lift? When you plan to buy a lift for your Home, you start to enquire with different companies. After speaking with multiple calls, you get educated of knowing the difference between just a “Lift for your home”...