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5 Questions you should ask before buying a home Elevator

ThyssenKrupp Home Elevators are the only certified home elevators in India. It adheres to the highest standards of quality and safety globally. We are the only company who has their lifts inspected post installation by the most competent third party body i.e. TUV.

We strongly believe that “Prevention is better than cure”

However it’s astounding to know that in India there are no set Standards for home elevators; because of this many local manufacturers and even reputed brands are selling commercial units to consumers in the name of home elevators. This is the reason why India ranks #2 in terms of elevator accidents. Therefore, we feel it’s our responsibility to inform you what features and qualities you should look out for while you’re in a quest of a perfect home lift for your home. Below are five questions which you should ask every manufacturer before finalizing the product:

Is your lift TUV certified post installation?

This is the most important aspect that you should look out for while you’re exploring your options. A certification from TUV signifies that your elevator is safe to use & it follows all the European Standards.

Our entire product is certified by TUV. In fact, we are the only company in India which has a certification done post installation at your site. This is simply to ensure delivery of quality to the final point of use.

We comply with European Standards of safety for home elevators & follow Machine Directive 2006/42EC and EN-81-41.

Is this elevator safe to use for children & elders?

In every commercial elevator you’ll see a board saying “children below 14 should not use without adult supervision”. However you must realize that such can never be the case in your home. You can’t restrict children or elders (whose reflexes are just like children) from constantly using the elevator & neither can you place a security guy 24*7 for the supervision.

We at ThyssenKrupp not just ensure you of your children’s safety but in fact we’ve recently launched a special kid’s edition cabin just so your children can play and have fun in the elevator.

Does this lift require a pit or a machine room?

As per European Standards, a home elevator should not have a machine room & a pit not more than 150mm in height. Our home lifts don’t need a pre-constructed pit or a machine room. In fact all our products are customized and tailor made as per consumer’s requirements. 

Is this elevator running on single phase power supply?

A home elevator as the name suggests is built for residential purpose, therefore installation of 3 phase power supply & too much of electricity consumption fails the whole purpose. All ThyssenKrupp home lifts run on single phase d/c power supply. The d/c supply ensures that you can never get any kind of electric shock from the elevator. Our home lift doesn’t consume any power while coming down, thereby saving huge expenses in long term.

Does this elevator require frequent oiling & lubrication?

A major problem that most customers face is the constant oiling, lubrication & maintenance of the lift. You realize that a residential customer can’t go through such tedious tasks every month. Constant oiling & maintenance also dig a deep hole in your pocket.

We use GLR (Grease Less Rails) technology which removes the requirement of any sort of oiling in the rails and greasing work all together. This not only reduces dust accumulation and keeps your elevator always new but also reduces the maintenance cost by a great deal.