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According to import, export data from Zauba, we have found that Thyssenkrupp home lifts are 22-28% cheaper in India when compared to its pricing in the neighbouring countries.

A branded home elevator is one’s most prized possession. We are talking about a real home lift, a home lift which complies with codes of safety such as Machine Directive 2006/42/ EC, EN 81/41 and undergoes third party verification done by TUV.

In India, if a home elevator is manufactured, which matches to the quality or the safety standards mentioned above, you will find the price of the elevator would be 28% higher. It is important to consider all your choices before you take the plunge and now there is a new option worth exploring when it comes to home elevators made by Thyssenkrupp in India, with Elite Elevators.

We also checked the pricing of these home lifts with neighbouring countries like UAE, Singapore, and Malaysia etc. It was concluded that in India the pricing of these elevators are kept at lower end, when compared with neighbouring countries to cater the demand of all segments. India being a price sensitive market, this is to make sure that even those who are in the upper middle class segment can also install a certified and safe solution in their homes.