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Why Post Sales Service is Important than sale?



We at Elite Elevators strongly believe that post sales service is more important than the sale itself. Good post sales goes hand in hand with good product.

With the benefits of ThyssenKrupp’s Unique patented features we deliver world class post sales services to our valuable customers.

  1. First Aid Technicians: We have thoroughly trained technicians all across India & commit to resolve any glitch within 24 hr.
  1. 24hr Guarantee: These lifts are installed in private residences unlike commercial buildings where they’ve multiple lifts, therefore we understand the criticality of your situation & even in case of part failure, we promise to deliver it to your place within 24 hours. Most of the parts are available in Indian warehouse itself; however if required we have a master warehouse in Dubai too.
  1. Your Privacy & Security always Intact: We respect the privacy & busy schedule of our clients and therefore we don’t want to send technicians to your place every month. Owing to this, ThyssenKrupp has introduced the new GLR technology which doesn’t require any oiling on the rails and increases the maintenance period from once every month to once every four months. We keep you well informed in advance before a technicians visit, along with his name, photograph & contact number. This is done considering your security is not at stake & so that it’s never a surprise visit so you can plan your schedule accordingly.
  1. No more False Complains: Has it ever happened that you’ve risen complain of something not working & got a response that everything is fine, we don’t see any problems? This is one of the frequent problems in Elevator industry. We remove this concern by introducing a technology called ENS (Error Notification System). This ENS registers all the problems within an elevator in its log report and you can actually view what all issues are with your lift. This also helps our technicians to diagnose & resolve your problem in much more efficient manner.

5. Replacing is always better than repairing: We follow this strict policy of no repairment. According to our study conducted in May 2017, we concluded that almost 73% of elevator accidents occur due to human errors which often relates to repairing components & parts. Therefore, at ThyssenKrupp all the malfunctioning parts are always replaced; this ensures that your elevator is always at optimal level.