The growth in the construction sectors and new innovations have changed the way elevators function and how they can be serviced. From smart to “green” elevators, many advancements have recently been made. TK Access Solutions is one of those very few companies that actually set a trend in Industries. TK Access Solutions home lifts have brought upon a revolution in the aspects of safety certifications. TK Access Solutions Home lifts’ entire line up is certified with both TUV and SIL-3 certification. Other advance innovations in the Elevator industry is as follows

Smart Elevators
Just like smart phones and TVs, elevators are getting pretty high-tech, prompting elevator manufacturers to make adjustments in speed and safety.A smart elevator is a type in which a passenger presses a button for the floor they wish to visit, an indicator directs them to a specific elevator that will handle the task the fastest. Such advanced routing will more efficiently move passengers, particularly during high-traffic hours in busy hotels, high rises, apartments and office buildings. They can even be programmed to operate in different ways at certain periods throughout a given day.


Similarly, this tech is very efficient in-home purpose elevators as well as it indicates the floor levels giving the right direction for the user. It can be programmed to shut off during certain intervals to conserve energy. TK Access Solutions’s Home Lifts are This technology works by sending real-time alerts to the user about a problem that is just starting to develop. This is designed to save money and time on repairs. Sensors gather the data about factors such as usage that can impact wear and tear on parts. The information is sent to a cloudbased platform for processing and analysis so companies can predict when maintenance will be needed. In addition, some aspects of elevator functionality could be remotely operated.

TK Access Solutions Home Elevators are completely automatic and uses the latest PMS (Permanent Magnet Synchronous) Technology. This technology helps in getting rid of outdated devices like the sensors and relays. The mounted rail system uses the GLR Technology (Greaseless Technology) which eliminates the use of grease on the guide rails installed. TK Access Solutions uses a system known as Advanced Error Notification System which helps in fixing errors before it happens.