An elevator model which is made popular by the customers out of their own experience

Elevators for homes are the unique introduction from the manufacturers of the elevator products, the TKE, global manufacturers Italy. Their unique and innovative products of home elevators are available in various models, designs and specifications. The most feasible and the most popular among the customers are the Orion home elevators.

Orion home elevators are hydraulic elevators with efficient hydraulic motors installed to it which allows these models to be an exclusive introduction for home purpose. These elevator models of the manufacturers make them a remarkable brand among the users. It has not become so easy for these products to gain this notable name among the customers within a short period of time. The success of this home elevator models includes various special functions such as:

  • Designed with advanced micro processor data network systems
  • Integrated with simple and elegant features
  • Possess silent and efficient operation carrying people and goods.
  • Provides high level comfort with reliable features
  • Integrated with high precision inverter drive system

With all these special qualities these elevator models were chosen for the commercial buildings with two to three floors such as educational institutions, hospitals, theatres and other professional offices in the beginning. Later these elevator models with even more specific features were designed for the usage at homes and residential buildings.The Orion hydraulic home lifts are suitable to be installed in low rise and mid rise buildings when we explore the quality, design and the other special integrated features involved in the making of the product. Thus the homes like villas, bungalows, small homes can be installed with these Orion home lifts.

These elevator models even then chosen for the low rise to mid rise buildings it possess the features of the elevators that are chosen for the high rise buildings. The residential flats, apartments and homes with multiple floors are installed with Orion elevators for experiencing a hydraulic functionality.These features include the automatic sliding doors, commercial fixtures, quick movement without any vibration or jerk and so on.