The innovation in technology has transferred our lifestyle slowly into a cozy and a convenient model. The new models, new inventions and new designs makes our lifestyle comfortable with all necessary amenities right in front of us. Thus when we thought of having a movement along the floors of a building without the need to climb the stairs, we have been provided with elevators. Initially these elevators were used only in commercial buildings like malls, theatres, hospitals and other shopping complexes. But later the residential buildings were built erected with multiple floors in order to occupy the growing population of the country. This is the time when the elevators that are designed for commercial buildings were remodeled and are made comfortable to be fit in the residential buildings.

The residential elevators need not have much space rather people expect it to be compact, vibration free and noise free. People loved the remodel of home elevators and these models were highly demanded by quite a large scale of people. The home elevators are then made available in various models and designs to suit the types of building such as high-rise building, low-rise building, villas, individual homes and bungalows. The residential elevators are expected to be safe and reliable as it will be installed in the homes and are used regularly by our near and dear ones. Thus, the manufacturers have taken much care in this design. The home elevators are designed with emergency stop switch, emergency light, battery backup, door interlocks, safety alarm and various other safety mechanism so that it provides a safe travel to the family members.A convenient, safe and a quick travel along the floors of the home with the help of stylish innovation is thus made possible with the innovative invention of home elevators.

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