The home elevator who would have thought it might become so easy to have one in your place

The home elevator industry in India has been operating for a long of period. But the option of having an elevator in a house is never seen to viable. The customers always face a problem when it comes to install an elevator. Some required renovation affecting the entire homes attire. Some of them were very costly or even the maintenance problems doesn’t make it feasible to use.

The problem has been answered by Elite Elevators with their range of elevator products to suit your need for a home elevator. Our engineering is done by TKE which have dedicated over a century to solve problems for industrial manufacturing. The company is bringing the same level of passion to solve your home elevator needs. The lifts provide you with a number of benefits to make it easier for you to choose.

  • Easy to install – Our lifts a mere 5 inch of pit room and no machine room at all. Moreover the lifts require a single wall as a support structure. You can even get a shaft model which do not require any support and can operate in any confined space.
  • Functional for everyone – The home elevators can be easily operated by any member of the family. Its smooth start and stop function gives a comfortable rife to people of all ages.
  • Tested systems – We test our elevators for all sot of emergencies. Our lifts can provide all kind of support in case of communication, safe landing during power failure or automated system checks.

Our home suppliers in Maharashtra can provide you all the detailed information as per your specification. Our team of experts can join you at any phase of your home building or current home to provide the best solution possible.