Get freedom from mobility issues with Supra India stair lifts

Climbing stairs becomes a serious issue for older people or people with serious injury. Climbing curved stairs are even more daunting for people with mobility issues and straight stairs make them feel like climbing a steep mountain. Many seniors or people with grave injury have to be dependant on other family members for their mobility inside the house which in actual fact many people don’t have time to help. Stepping up on the stairs all by own can be an obstacle and sometimes hazardous which might lead to serious consequences. To counter this, various stair lifts have been manufactured and are available in the market which will help people to travel stairs with comfort and ease.

Elite Elevators are the No: 1 home elevator suppliers in India, focused on offering wide range of home lifts and stair lifts has per customer needs. There are based in Chennai providing their best service to all over India. Elite Elevators have tie up with TKE, Italy who are experts in providing various home lifts and stair lifts. Each lift designed is a combination of German Engineering and Italian designing following 194 parameters of safety and European standard for utmost comfort and safe travel. Elite Elevators offers TUV SUD certified home elevators from TKE, Italy and emphasis is always given on safety which is why they have been recently awarded as ‘World’s Safest Home Elevators.

Elite Supra LiftElite Elevators presents Supra India curved inclined platform lift, which is world class designed with advance features of safety and comfort. The award-winning product can travel through the complex stair case with no jerks and provides safe floor landing. With patented path-breaking swivel technology Supra India stair lift ensures that with every bend it rotates smoothly and you always facing the stair case. The curved stair lifts are functionable through battery with adjustable seats and takes just couple of hours to install occupying minimum stair space. When not in use supra stair lift can be folded allowing others to use the stairway. Moreover, in order to bring the stairlift to where you are use remote or joystick to call or send to other stops.

While installing Supra India stair lift there is no need to do any kind of structural changes as it is secured through the existing stair case without damaging the wall. The materials used are of top quality finish with fabrics available at different colours which can be chosen based on your home décor. With strong durable screws the stairs are secured safely while you sit comfortably with no fear to fall down. This stair lift can hold up to 325kg capacity depending upon the extent to incline. The Supra lift is a result of decade research and analysis of stair lift experience which mow reflects with latest technology and proven reliability.