Elite Elevators are designed and manufactured in Italys

The Elite Elevator designs are imported and are manufactured under the strict guidelines of TK access solution. TK access solution is an internationally recognised company. That has been working over a century providing solutions to industries. There special facility in Italy deals with home elevator design and manufacturing. The entire home lift division is approved with European machine directive and European Norms.The Elite Elevators team cater to residential lift department. We provide a number of models that can installed in any place of your home.

  • Altura
  • HE series 6 & 7
  • Orion
  • Gulliver
  • Elegance
  • Stair lift

All our designs are built in Italy and then their shipped to India for installation. We offer a number of machines for your elevator that has been carefully designed for home purpose only. Our elevator provides a number of features that are exclusive to us and not many elevator companies can provide it.

  • Patent COG-belt technology
  • Single phase power operation
  • Custom lift size
  • Shaft and without shaft models
  • Indoor and outdoor installation

The residential elevators in India do not have set standards which makes it hard for customers. It can easily confuse an individual to differentiate between a home and commercial elevator. We have been helping home owners across India to find a perfect lift for their homes. Our continuous effort to provide elevator has been appreciated by our customers. Our custom designs can fit in a constructed and under progress homes as well.

We can install a specialised lift as per your home without much renovation. We can even design a lift for single person to a whole a family. We take safety and security very seriously. All of elevators follow a strict 194 parameters of a safety which make sure that there is zero error in every single ride.