Elevator Prices in India and factors relying to Choose

Elevators are need of an hour as they help in vertical transportation of people and goods within a building or between floors. They find their applications in various fields like industrial, residential and commercial. With an increase in the use of multi-story buildings all over India, the demand for elevators have become common in use were taking the stairs seems impossible for all ages at times. Also, elevators are appealing and offer a visual treat to luxurious buildings.

It has been observed that the Elevator Prices in India vary from one to the other taken into consideration the below factors by which they are categorized:

  • Area of application i.e., whether used in a commercial building or residential places
  • Technology used in the design of elevators
  • Dimensions of the elevator
  • No of floors
  • Cabin and door design
  • Capacity
  • Speed of the elevator
  • Material of construction
  • Level of automation considered i.e., if alarm to be triggered when it exceeds the weight
  • Extra Amenities to be provided like a telephone
  • Requirement of Air conditioning facilities or fan
  • Source of power available
  • Energy consumption
  • Easy Maintenance and eco-friendly

The difference in the prices between residential and commercial elevators accounts for the complexity in its design where the latter requires certification and regular inspection. Elite elevators present you the more sophisticated and tailor-made elevators based on your requirement and are cost-effective with a wide range in terms of design and safety whencompared to others. We would like to conclude that depending on your sophistication and capacity, the Elevator Prices in India may vary from a few lakhs and more but it is necessary that safety and feasibility are taken care of.