Efficient hydraulic elevators for the use of residential buildings

Lifts, the choice of every individual to have a comfortable movement between the floors of any buildings without going through the difficulty of climbing the stair cases! Thus the installation of lifts in any building has taken a high peak and almost every building nowadays is constructed with the feature of lifts. The manufacturers of lifts and elevators has thus decided to provide these facilities and allow the customers to experience a high class technology with world class lifts in the residential buildings too.

We might come across the residential buildings installed with the elevators nowadays in common. This is because of the reason that our people find ease in moving through the floors of our homes. Every type of home in the current trend is now installed with the home lifts. And these home lifts are available in various models and different specifications.

These varieties range such as:

  • Elevators with gear box attached to the motor to drives the wheels and move the rope.
  • Elevators with the feature of gearless motors and thus does not need a separate machine room for operation.
  • Elevators fixed with hydraulic electric motors for smooth operation.

The most feasible and the most significant among the varieties of elevators are the hydraulic home lifts. These hydraulic elevators are the remarkable features integrated with advanced micro processors and data network systems.

The elevators with hydraulic functionality provides a high level comfort to the customers and thus the customers would very soon feel that they have made a right choice to enjoy a reliable lifestyle. The hydraulic elevators prove it a smart investment for the residential purposes with its efficiency and Excellency such as:

Smart appearance:
The hydraulic elevators are attached with high precision inverter drive system for smooth operation. The outer cover is made of stainless steel and has two speed doors with modern outlook.

Special features:
These hydraulic elevators are normally chosen for serving the low rise and mid rise buildings. Even then it possess the special features of the elevators installed in high rise buildings such.

Automatic sliding doors:
The home lifts were installed with the collapsible doors which are operated manually in the beginning days. But the elevators with hydraulic motors are designed with automatic sliding doors with two speed doors for easy operation.

Smooth and silent operation:
The hydraulic elevators are installed with commercial fixtures for silent and smooth operation along the floors.

The hydraulic elevators Orion, Gulliver and Elegance are supplied by the leading suppliers the Elite elevators, a Chennai based Elevator Company in India.