Elevators can be classified as machineries that carry human lives. Elevator safety is all about using your manners and making sure you are aware of your surroundings. Being courteous will help you avoid hurting others inadvertently, as will staying calm and assisting those who might need more time to get on or off the elevator. But it is very important to note that, in India, there is no safety standards set for Home Elevators and it ranks number 2 in the overall elevator accidents in the World. It is better to always take necessary precautions when you are in an elevator. There are certain Do’s and Don’ts when you are in an elevator.

Customised Residential Elevators


❖ Do keep clear of the cabin in a way others and you could move freely.
❖ Do pay careful attention when you are in and out the lift.
❖ Do take careful steps when you are using canes and aiding tools to help your physical challenges.
❖ Do enter and exit the cabin promptly.
❖ Do use the handrail and Hold onto it especially when landing and takeoff and also if you are experiencing a mild case of vertigo.
❖ In case of Power cuts, use the emergency call to buttons to request for help


❖ Don’t panic in the case of a power failure
❖ Don’t move constantly in the cabin of the Elevator
❖ Don’t board a lift that is crowded
❖ Don’t place your cargo near the door of the Elevator
❖ Don’t try to board the lift in the moment of the door closing
❖ Don’t try to use the trap door or try to climb out of the cabin unless instructed by professionals adhering to the emergency situation.

But, as mentioned before, due to poor safety standards in India, accidents are inevitable. This is why proper safety certifications for your home lifts and maintenance features are mandatory. TKE home lifts are the only home lifts in India that are certified by the prestigious European Safety Certification body TUV and are also certified with SIL-3 (Safety Integrity Level) certifications. With Greaseless Rails Technology (GLR), Advanced Error Notification Systems (AENS) and plenty other patented features rendering minimalistic maintenance and highest standards of safety, TKE home lifts are the only ones that have the highest value of investment in India.