Designer home elevators is for the

luxury and comfort in your home

The home elevator is a rising trend in the Indian real-estate sector. There are number of reasons for homeowners to adapt to this technology.

  • Better Space utilisation
  • Value for money
  • Luxurious design
  • Better safety
  • Comfort for elderly

The home elevator has been through a number of innovations to make it a possible addition in any style of structure. This started with machine room that requires less space and can work effectively without much maintenance. So we came with options that are perfect for a home elevator.

  • Patent COG-belt
  • Gearless Machine
  • Conventional Hydraulic Machine

The design can easily be fitted within the shaft and require no extra space over the top. Moreover each has a similar set of parameters that can carry load, stop and start with maximum smoothness. The disturbance factor is important and requires attention as a home surrounding will be affected. The noise and vibration are in minimal decimals that may not be noticeable by human senses at all.Being an elevator company we understand the design and installation location is different for every home.

Our designs are able to fit in any given architect and structure. We can install an elevator with independent shaft, taking support from a single wall or even replace in an existing lift.Each elevator has its own aesthetic and can be installed without much renovation. Our customers have been interested in a glass panel, wood finish or a mix of modern and traditional design. We are able to match their expectations in every field. You can contact us any time our team of experts can provide information on every particular aspect of concern.