Elevators are safe, smooth and a joy to experience. Let me back this statement with the help of these points give below:

Safety: Home elevators are an extended part of your home and it must be Safe, as many branded and local manufactured home lifts in the market, negotiate with safety. Here, In India, Literally, there is no safety standards set by government for home lifts. As safety is our priority, Thyssenkrupp Home Elevators are certified by SIL 3 & TUV and complies to Machine directive 2006 42 EC & EN 81 – 41. We have been awarded the “WORLD’S SAFEST HOME LIFTS. Our products have TUV certification as well as SIL 3 certification. All these certifications give you guarantee that your equipment is reliable up to 99.90 to 99.99% and its failure rate will be 0.001 to 0.0001. One of our patented features, the ERS (Error Notification System) informs you of any kind of electrical/mechanical errors that might occur or can be a reason for the failure of the lift way ahead of its failure so that your safety is ensured.

Commercial Elevator

Smooth: With an additional motor just to regulate the oil flow along with chain roller rails, we ensure smooth operation at all time. If you place a glass of water inside the lift cabin during its operation, not even a single water ripple will be formed. That’s how smooth it is

JOYFUL EXPERIENCE: Options for customized interiors are present to further enhance your experience. People with claustrophobia can even choose to go with our patented metallic structure with glass which will provide you with a panoramic view of our surroundings and gives you a visual freedom. This shaft structure is certified to withstand seismic activities. Knowing that your travel is safe gives you a peaceful mind, a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. The operation is silent than a silent room. Silence combined with a peaceful mind ensures that every time you use the lift will be a joyful experience.