Question for Handover

Dear ,

Thank you for choosing Thyssenkrupp Home Elevators as your ease of comfort travel. We sincerely value the opinion of our customers, and we would love to get your input on your experience with our product, installation and the CRM.

Kindly take a few minutes to answer the questions based on your experience with me.

Was the installation done on time?

Were the installation team polite and courteous?

Was there any damage to the elevators during installation?

was the property damaged in the elevators surrounding areas by our team?

Did the CRM Constantly update you on the progress of the installation?

Were your questions and concerns clarified by CRM on time?

Did the CRM respond to your calls, emails and messages promptly?

How would you rate the work carried out by the technicians?

How would your rate the overall experience of the service provided by Elite Elevators?


In an effort to exceed your expectations, what could we do differently to add value to our relationship?